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Feeling Like A Criminal (Podcast)?

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As a society, we seem to be fascinated with crime. If you watch the local evening news like I do, you know that a large portion of the stories each night deal with the courts and there have been countless television shows based around the police procedural. I spent fifteen years watching CSI and was on board for multiple seasons of its spin-off shows as well. What is it about crime and specifically murder that gets us all so interested? In my previous article, I wrote about my friend Courtney Mona’s YouTube channel and came out as a sort of YouTube denier. Another aspect of the entertainment world that I don’t often subscribe (pun Intended) to is the podcast, though…

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St. John’s Burger Battle

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Burger-Battle-Badge-2017 (1)

St. John’s is a battlefield of beef and fries this month as fifteen local restaurants are competing in The Overcast’s “St. John’s Burger Battle” which launched on February 1. “It’s February, it’s cold, it’s miserable and you need comfort food as much as restaurants need patrons during their slowest month of the year,” reads their website. Throughout this month, the restaurants will temporarily serve their own burger recipe. Burgers range from veggie, to moose, “wild experiments to classic takes; there are even combos like lamb-pork belly and beef with braised rib.” The Overcast challenges its readers to try at least one burger, or one a week or be a “burger warrior” and “slam them all back for epic Burger Battle bragging…

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Look Ma! I’m On YouTube!

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Im on Youtube

***I decided to step away from the state of global affairs and whining about President Trump since more than enough people are doing so and write about some local news and will try to have a more local focus for my next few articles.*** I like to think I’m pretty up on current events, trends, and pop culture but I’ve got to say that the whole phenomenon of the YouTube celebrity has thrown me for a loop. I remember when “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” was re-recorded for its thirtieth anniversary by Band Aid 30 and seeing that several British YouTube celebrities had contributed to the holiday classic I thought that Bob Geldof could have gotten someone way more famous.…

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“Clapping Back At An Uninformed Internet Troll” Or How I Got Into A Fight On A U2 Fan Forum About Basic Human Decency

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“How did we get here? How did you get here?” Bono asks during a performance of the oft forgotten U2 single “Last Night On Earth” from PopMart: Live from Mexico City and on a quiet Sunday afternoon and a very strange occurrence I found myself asking the same thing. All might have been quiet on this day, but there was nothing quiet about the two that came before it.

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Ten Tracks To Play At Your New Year’s Eve Soiree

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Hopefully everyone is enjoying the Christmas break and that those ten festive songs I suggested for your parties were a hit. I’m back again with ten tracks to play on New Year’s Eve. Play these songs at that rager you are attending or in the bomb shelter you built after it looked like things in 2016 couldn’t get worse after about May but then did because…2016.

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