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Hold onto your wigs: Bob the Drag Queen is coming to town.

Bob the Drag Queen will soon enter through the Holy Heart Theatre purse first and change the lives of many Newfoundlanders forever, making us even more fabulous.

Bob’s Crazy Black Lady – A Stand- Up Spectacle will take stage on November 15 to a full house, which sold out almost immediately.

“I have never been to Newfoundland and unfortunately with drag shows, you roll in town and then leave but wow, thank you,” said the queen of the sell out.


The drag scene has been growing in St. John’s and Bob, crowned queen of Rupaul’s Drag Race season 8, will help amp up the entertainment. The drag queen is well known for her comedic performances and charming confidence.

“They say fake it til you make it but I believe in build it til you feel it. I think I just made that up?” laughed the drag queen. “ Be confident about something  you’re good at, celebrate it. If you like your body, focus on that, celebrate it and the rest will follow.”

Bob the Drag Queen accredits her mother for the majority of her confidence.

“I had one of those moms who thinks I’m the best at everything. My mom is my biggest cheerleader,” said the comedian.

Becoming a drag queen was not always a consideration for Bob, she moved to New York because she was interested in stand up and acting. However, the queen saw an episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race and had a new perspective.

“I saw Bebe, the winner of season one and I thought ‘if she can be beautiful and win, I can be beautiful and win’… and I was right.”

Oh honey, Bob the Drag Queen was beyond right.

She stole the hearts of the judges, with her impressions of Carol Channing and Uzo Aduba, hilarious performances and uncanny facial expressions. However, her versatile ability is what really brought the crown home. While hilarious, Bob was also flawless and able to address each challenge precisely and beautifully…. and of course,  she brought the house down with the infamous death drop.



“Tell your friends not to do the death drop. Don’t do the death drop. I did it because I saw it  and I thought ‘I can do that,” she recalled. “If I had perfected the death drop, I would not have trouble walking up the stairs. I need a new knee. It’s crap. I now have a crap knee.”

Injuries aside, since winning, Bob can now bring herself to a wider stage.

“Since Drag Race, you go from a local community to a global one. You’re not in your own little bubble anymore. You’re meeting queens not from New York and you learn from them,” explained the winner. “There’s also the gentle jabbing that helps along the way. If your eyebrows are busted, they let you know and you don’t go back on stage with busted eyebrows.”

Bob has taken advantage of this opportunity and slays shows with many other queens and was asked who was her favourite, though she was hesitant to narrow it down.

“I love to perform with Pixie. We work well together. I love working with Monét and she is my BFF in life but we don’t get a chance to work together much. She is so popular now and soaking it up around the world,” she responded.

With this, a voice cues from the background asking Bob for a shout out, to which Bob stated, “I’m forced to work with Kim Chi and I’m a professional, so I do,” joked Bob in a clearly sarcastic response to Kim’s bidding. “No but seriously, I’m very proud of Kim Chi. She’s grown a lot.”


Bob the Drag Queen, Kim Chi and Naomi Smalls (@kimchi_chic Instagram)

Of course, Bob’s representative was sure to remind readers of the queen’s joshing demeanour and to make note that this was clearly a joke on Kim Chi’s behalf

For fans, this back and forth is evidently the true, classic and ever so fabulous Bob the Drag Queen in all her form.

Those of you lucky enough to get tickets to Bob the Drag Queen’s upcoming show, soak in every single minute of it and be blessed with such an opportunity.

Can I get an Amen up in here!?


All other photos are from Bob the Drag Queen’s instagram account @bobthedragqueen


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