Private Council Meetings should be Tightly Restricted

Every week, before the regular council meeting, there’s another, secret meeting. There’s no press, no public agenda, and no public record of what decisions were made.

At first that sounds suspicious. But, they say, City Council has deal with personnel issues or ongoing negotiations that need privacy. Fair enough!

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Ramen with a Taste of Newfoundland

Adam Gollop and Jasmine Kean took on a culinary storm when the opened Bad Bones Ramen on Water Street this past June. Shockingly the downtown food market had not come across a ramen selection to date and Bad Bones was the … Keep Reading

Temperance Street Book Review

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Temperance Street By Herb F. Hopkins On July 2, 1992 two significant moments in Newfoundland culture were being exposed. At the same time, the true state of the cod fishery and the Roman Catholic Church were visible. Temperance Street is Herb Hopkins second novel, it unfolds during these stressful endeavours in Newfoundland history. Hopkins wanted to revisit Luke, a character from his first novel The Book of Luke. He was interested in making Luke 14-years-old because it was an age group he had taught, coincidentally that stuck the novel in 1992. “The darkest year in Newfoundland history; the cod moratorium and post Roman Catholic church abuse scandal. Frankly, I didn’t want to write about these sensitive issues, but there it…

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Tips from a mainlander living in Newfoundland

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When I began dating my wife in university I knew next to nothing about Newfoundland: it was an island way out East, it rained a lot, and people from there were very friendly. I think it’s safe to say that’s the impression a lot of “mainlanders” have about Newfoundland. After university we lived for a few years in my hometown of Ottawa before making the move out to St. John’s. I had a pretty good idea of what to expect having visited my wife’s family many times over the past few years. However I was still surprised by a great many things. Over the past four years of living here I have learned a lot about Newfoundland and Labrador and…

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Mike O’Reilly Photography: A Close-up

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Tint of Ink: What got you interested in photography? Mike O’Reilly: It’s been a long-standing interest for me, as I come from a family of photography hobbyists/enthusiasts. I bought my current camera about 2 and a half years ago, but didn’t get the opportunity to properly learn it until the Fall of 2013, after being encouraged – or shall I say, pressured – to do so by my girlfriend and some photographer friends. But, in my experience, one doesn’t do anything, until they themselves are ready to do so. So, really, I’m a very new photographer. It seems they are truly a dime a dozen – or more per dozen – nowadays. This is not really surprising considering the improvement…

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Ice Caps by the numbers

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Ice Caps by the numbers header

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Neon Satori Interview

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It’s no secret that St. John’s has an eclectic and thriving music scene. Fittingly, we are starting to see an influx in music festivals, including the successful bar-hopping Lawnya Vawnya earlier this year. But, the outdoor, camping-type music festival has been one not yet fully represented on the East Coast of our province. One group of motivated individuals, Neon Satori Productions, aims to change this. They put off the successful Summer Soulstice Electric Enlightenment festival over the June 21 weekend. I had the opportunity to talk to two of the organizers, Russell “Razz” Squires and Zane Snow, about the festival and future plans for more. In fact, there is another festival in the works for Labour Day weekend at an…

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