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Newfoundland & Labrador Writer/Director Joshua Jamieson wins NL Joy Award for original short film Waiting Outside…

Joshua Jamieson has been surrounded by art throughout his life. Whether it’s been through his role with ArtsNL or writing for books or the screen, it’s fair to say he has dabbled quite a bit in the arts community.

Jamieson’s Waiting Outside… recently got him the head nod he deserves. The short film, which he is co-producing with Ruth Lawrence, won the NL Joy Award which is part of the Joy Awards managed by the Linda Joy Media Arts Society out of Halifax, NS.


“For me, it’s the first time I’ve ever won an artistic award – something designed to recognize an artistic project I’m working on, so from that point of view it’s really rocked my world,” said Jamieson of the award. “It’s no secret that when you’re developing artistic projects, part of that process is applying for anything and everything you can to help that project along. Those applications are unsuccessful eight or nine times out of ten, it’s just part of the process. But when applications or packages are sent off, I know for me when that happens, I just internalize a little hope, reassure myself that I believe in my project, and the fact that it has something of worth to say or share.”

The award also packs a mean financially supportive punch. The 2015 award benefits include $7,500 in rental services from Atlantic Studios Cooperative, $2,000 in post-production services and $500 towards production equipment rental from the Newfoundland Independent Filmmakers Cooperative, and $1,200 in script consultations by John Doyle. Not only does it give the film some bonus backing, but it also helps the creators get this show on the road.

“The big thing for the short term is that this will mean we can, with certainty, go make Waiting Outside… happen. Our budget for the film is around $17,000, and this award provides over $10,000 worth of services, rentals, and guidance,” explained the director. “But when they contacted me to say we’d been awarded the NL Joy, I couldn’t believe it. It’s even been a while since, and I have to sort of remind myself that we pulled through! And, the jury saw the time, effort, and team talent in the project – and the merit in the story – that means the most. It’s incredible. Then when I think about the other fellow filmmakers who’ve received this in the past, and look at where they are now, that’s exciting. I’m truly honoured by it.”

The film is loosely based on by a poem, Waiting Outside Clinic 2B, which appears in Carmelita McGrath’s book Escape Velocity. Jamieson helps run various events throughout the year with ArtsNL and when McGrath’s poetry collection was one of the three finalists for the BMO Winterset Awards, that poem resonated with him.1263075_10153276454185375_405823614_o

“It read so vividly, I could see the scenes unfolding in my head. All of that got me thinking about a film adaptation as a short,” recalled Jamieson. “Carm and I have known one another for years – she edited my grandfather’s two volume memoirs and has been a long standing family friend, so I wasn’t apprehensive about just approaching her with the idea. Thankfully she loved it and was all for me taking her creative ball and running a little further with it.”

Waiting Outside… is still waiting to be made. The team is gathering a few financial partners together, and willing to receive more backing if anyone wants to get in touch with Jamieson. News about screenings, and before that – production milestones, will all be posted at



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