The Hunt for the Great Hot Chocolate: Coffee Matters

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One cold and dark afternoon, I got a call from Fred’s (winnieFRED) daycare that the power was out and it was closing.

What a fine opportunity to continue our search for the meanest cup of Hot Chocolate in the city.

As if the day wasn’t exciting enough, Momma picked up Winnie early and that change in the routine is apparently warranted enough to make the day a crazy and whacked one in itself BUT the fact that I was not rushing home or to the grocery store but choosing to fill up on chocolate and cookies, was flabbergasting.

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Put down your mom guns, because I just played my cards right and I pretty much won Super Cool Mom for the year. Sorry to inform you all.

We hit up Coffee Matters on Military Road. I have enjoyed a lovely Banana Silk Hot Chocolate there in my past and I have some pretty relevant memories of that corner of our town.  It’s so cozy, I just want to snuggle up with a blanket and make myself at home. You’re likely to bump into someone you know and even if it’s in the middle of the day on a Wednesday, the place is always blocked.

If you have not stepped foot in that place before, it is somehow familiar and inviting.

Winnie orders a lukewarm hot chocolate and I hit up the Banana Silk again. It’s a risk to make my order different than a four-year-olds, because she will likely prefer my choice and begin the process of negotiation throughout our sit down. At the end of my date, I will have no Banana Silk and a slobbered coated freezing hot chocolate in hand.

Winnie prefers a window seat (I didn’t know she knew that was a thing, but ok) and game on.

Somehow, I have not gotten one scoop of whip cream from either beverage, but like it’s cool, I am trying to cut back anyways.  No resentment. I’m over it.

I gotta say, the Banana Silk is not like anything I have ever had before. It fills me up, keeps me warm and fully satisfied. I never feel boated or sugar high, but like I just came out of the perfect sleep. It’s cozy, delicious and perfectly bended.

Winnie’s review: “I like my croissant better, but it’s good.”

There you have it folks, the next million dollar critique.FullSizeRender (7)

That being said, that puts you as the front runner Coffee Matters in this kid’s eyes, so nothing to be ashamed of and a great props to your croissants.

Stay tuned for the two winners, which will be announced at the end of the month.

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