The Hunt for the Great Hot Chocolate: The Rocket

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ST. JOHN’S, NL – With the snow coming down and Christmas snapping at our heels, there are always a few wintery traditions everyone looks forward to despite the temperatures.

The moment I utter the words cold weather, Winnie responds with a very loud and excited “that means hot chocolate.”


Now despite her enthusiasm, she is in fact more pumped about the act of drinking surgery melted junk food than the actual beverage itself but this year we decided to make an adventure out of our hot chocolate drinking endeavours.

It is our mission to discover the best Hot Chocolate in town. We will be hitting up local coffee shops, bakeries and eateries to see who can truly satisfy our palates.

At the end of the month, we will give you a harsh critique by both four-year-old and 32-year-old alike to determine who frothed us the best cup o’ hot chocolate.

First Stop: The Rocket

I just love The Rocket. It warms my soul. It makes me feel like I am doing something good for our community. There is never anyone upset, or angered. It’s full of great smells, laughter and transports you back in time.

I feel blasphemous taking out my phone, I want to buy every single thing to eat and I want to be friends with everyone who works there. Nope, I want to work there. Nope, live there.


It was hard for me to order Hot Chocolate when my love for their coffee is strong and passionate, yet barely fulfilled because I hate parking downtown. But alas, we are on a serious quest to serve the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.

We snatched a seat in the front window, the most coveted of all places. It’s like lounging while in public and those two things rarely collide. Plus a four-year-old thinks sitting on the floor is breaking the rules and breaking the rules is quite adventurous. I claim we are being rebellious all the time, when we are not and it doubles my coolness as a mom instantly.

A giant hot chocolate with whip cream. Winnie’s served at room temperature and mine steaming hot. It was delicious, perfection. Smelt great, creamy, yet sweet. Silky but didn’t leave that long lasting coating in your mouth.

One sip and Winnie’s conclusion: “I don’t like it.”

Unfortunately for The Rocket, you went out of your way to help create a hot chocolate with natural ingredients and took the homemade train. You see Rocket, my kid is deprived of sweets on a daily basis and I am a health nut according to her. However, I have slipped her a few terrible synthetic treats in her lifetime and once she had a taste of that sweetener and artificial flavor, it signified the untouchable, the precious, the rebellious.

So The Rocket’s natural substance did not fulfill her sugar high and promise for a junk food and once that whip cream was consumed, The Rocket had lost any standing in her favouritism.


I, however, think highly of the delicious hot beverage prepared by the most wonderful staff in my favourite little place downtown.

So we will see how it stands up to the other cafés in the city.

Good Luck Rocket. I fare thee well.

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