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Power of Persuasion: Chill with Jill talks Radio, YouTube and A&W

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Jill Power has had a pretty interesting go of it in the last few years. For starters, the MUN student started a Podcast, Chill with Jill aired on CHMR Radio as a means to get engaged with interesting people. Turns out, she ends up chatting with the cream of the crop – Newfoundland go tos like Mark Critch and Tom Power and she even sat down with Peter Mansbridge for a dandy chat at one point- can you imagine? “I have my hands in a bit of everything. The podcast started in 2015, my first year of university. Radio was always one of those things I always wanted to do,” explained the host. “I was originally studying Education and The…

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Greg Hewlett: A Proper Response to Muskrat Falls

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When Greg Hewlett left Newfoundland and Labrador to move to Toronto he felt like he was leaving just as the province was about to slide into the ocean forever. “It felt terrible. Like most Newfoundlanders, it’s kind of like this dark cloud over everyone’s head. That’s the kind of thing I can’t really ignore and if I am ignoring it, it bubbles up. Especially now with the inquiry coming on. Muskrat Falls was the main obstacle for the province, or albatross,” said Hewlett in reference of the Muskrat Falls project and the aftermath that came with it. Hewlett’s anxiety is one that hangs heavy over the heads of many in the province. The Muskrat Falls inquiry final report is due…

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Capturing the Moment: Maddie Mills gets real

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0002Maddie End Of Season

Maddie Mills is a 21-year-old wedding and lifestyle photographer who is obsessed with The Office, a cat mom to Petunia and says her friends are her life. Born in St. John’s “with a bayman heart,” as she describes it, Mills has a vibrant and very real social media presence.   Her instagram account displays her photography work but also,  a very candid expression from Mills about a variety of issues including: bullying, body-image, friendship, responsibilities, self-care and travel. Her stories follow her genuine relationships with her clients and her great appreciation to pursue her dream. With nearly 2000 followers, her account has become more than just beautiful wedding photos – it’s an inspiration to live your best life. Between episodes of the Office, travels…

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Blank Page: Filling space with urban streetwear

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Brooke Patey wanted to share her drawings in a less conventional, yet approachable way. So she turned to fashion as a wearable means to display her talents.   “I wanted to share my art with my friends and family in a way that it wouldn’t just hang on the wall and clothing to me was the way,” said the designer. “I enjoy that each piece of clothing takes a different journey with each customer.” Patey started Blank Page Clothing Co.,  featuring urban streetwear covered in her artwork. The pieces include t-shirts and baseball tees with black and white traditional drawings, as well as beanies with the signature name of the company hand scrawled within the front. There are accessories and…

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Rock Vandal: Adding explosive colour to the Twillingate community

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If you happen to be walking down the streets and come across an unexpected piece of knitted art work- it’s likely you’ve been yarn bombed. “Yarnbombing is where you make street art from yarn. It’s totally temporary, and since most of us associate knitting and crochet with someone dear, it has a tendency to make us feel warm and fuzzy,” explain Nina Elliott of Twillingate. Elliott, also known as Rock Vandal, started experimenting with yarn bombing as a new way to be creative and have fun. Rock Vandal is originally from Hamilton, Ontario and she moved to Twllingate from England in 2012. Referring to herself as “a Newfoundlander by choice,” Elliott gets her inspiration from all around her. “Everywhere and…

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