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She’s not fit but let’s make the best of her

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Winter is hard upon us with many more months to come. Sure Sheila’s Brush seems like miles away just yet. As much as we hate to think about the cold and snow greeting us every morning, it’s here to stay. While waiting for the cold to pass, there is plenty to do in St. John’s, if you’re a local or out for a jaunt. Treat yo self Head to The Rocket Bakery for some sweet eats. It’s hard to get all geared up and head out for the day, but a chocolate eclair at the end of the trek makes it a lot easier to face the dreaded car scrap and shovelling.   Be a Tourist Head to Middle Cove…

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Sailor Danny: When the colour doesn’t matter

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Sailor Danny takes full advantage of the night. Once his family is asleep and the work is done for the day, he immediately picks up a paintbrush. “I’m down in the studio kickin it. I’m pretty religious about it. I can’t let go of the brush,” said the artist. “Life might get in the way but for me that’s the next drive. I put that back into the art.” The artist is known for his pieces featuring icons and musicians using colour theory, in which “the colours don’t matter,” as he describes it. Faces may be blue or yellow or red, while skylines could be purple, the choice in colour is irrelevant, as long as it’s forming the right image.…

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Newfoundland Fox: finding love through travel and photos

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Renée MacDonald wasn’t expecting to fall in love while traveling the island, but the best surprises happen when you are busy not looking for them. “Traveling Newfoundland, personally, became a love story for me. Not only did I fall in love with my own province but my friend who I was traveling with, we fell in love with each other and eventually we got married. It’s been quite romantic,” recalls MacDonald. “Sandy beaches to ourselves with fireworks, glamorous camping, cozy vacation homes, rustic picnics, getting proposed to while surrounded by icebergs, it’s been pretty fairy-tale like.” In the last six years, MacDonald has been all over the island taking in food, animal sitings  and adventure along the way. Though the…

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The integrity of art in NL culture

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It’s hard sometimes in art to not have overlapping themes. Common artistic tendencies may even be more evident through Newfoundland and Labrador, as we tend to celebrate our traditions through creative pieces. Commonalitues are more evident in sellable minute souvenirs form. As you wander the streets of downtown St. John’s each storefront has a miniature form of Jelly Bean Row for sale. From mummer statues to bottles of screech to placards stating “stay where you’re at til I comes where yer to.” – it’s obvious that we enjoy sharing our cultural practices through art. As Newfoundlanders we are a bit constrained by our reoccurring themes and that’s expected from any such a place. It’s what you do with those pieces of…

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Rod Hynes’ stories and life always bring him back home

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Rod Hynes has managed to show his wife a different part of Newfoundland every time they visit home. “Last time I showed her the Northern Peninsula. She’s from Quebec but she loves it there. She says I’m a different person when I’m there. I’m more of a Newfoundlander,” said Hynes. “But I say she’s more of a Newfoundlander than I am.” The couple have been to Hynes home town of Norris Arm, they visited Rocky Harbour and Mobile, St. John’s and Cape Broyle. When Idele wanted to see France, Rod brought her to  St. Pierre st Miquelon off the coast of Newfoundland. Miniature Boats in Mobile When the couple isn’t exploring unknown parts of home, Hynes resides in Ajax, Ontario.…

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