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NL Explorer: Getting off the Grid

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When Justin Barbour and his dog Saku trekked from Robinson to Cape Broyle in 2017 on a 68 day wilderness adventure, he decided to record it along the way. “I had footage and I didn’t know where I was going with it and I had some interest. Some media found out and got in contact with me but they wanted to put the drama twist on it,” said the adventurer. “ I wanted it to be real and just about me out there. Not dramatizing things so I went with youtube and it’s been going well.” The YouTube series, Man and Dog: Through Newfoundland Wild follows Barbour and Saku as they take on the elements for a 700km expedition across…

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MasterChef Canada: Colin Buckingham steps up to the plate

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Colin Buckingham never intended to apply for MasterChef Canada, but the nudge from a friend helped convince him to go for it. “One of my buddies was on a show, the season previous and we were out to a retreat in Cape Breton and he said I should apply and I said ‘I don’t think I am really that good’,” recalls Buckingham.  “I started thinking about it more and more and at the end of the day I decided I wanted to see if I could do it. The worst thing they could say was no. So I just applied online and sent in an application and kept making it further and further.” A car salesman by trade, the St.…

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It Could Be Franky covers unconventionally in new album “We All Know How This Will End”

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Danielle Hamel makes good use of her limited free-time – and not in a typical manner. Whenever a moment is spare, she takes full advantage and makes music, an entire album in fact. Last week, Hamel released It Could be Franky’s second album “We All Know How This Will End” – a self produced and performed piece that she recorded in her own home. “I fit it in when my husband Matthew takes care of bedtime –  which is both a nod to him and acknowledging the time vacuum that is putting two kids to bed,” said the musician. “ I try to do at least an hour or two of working on some project in the evenings. And cumulatively,…

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Ragmaw: Designer Megan Jackman balances natural aesthetic with durability

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When Megan Jackman was first developing her handbag company, she was advised to consider a different name brand other than Ragmaw – but luckily she listened to her gut. “Ragmaw is a term used to describe someone, usually a child,  dressed in ragged clothing, not necessarily in a negative way. It’s a Newfoundland term that my grandmother remembers using as a child. I use it as my business name because I just like the word and I like that it  has something to do with ragged fabric pieces because I started off using bits and pieces of recycled fabrics,” said the designer, who originally hails from Central’s Robert’s Arm. Ragmaw is a handcrafted handbag studio company located in St. John’s…

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Laugh Out Lolly: Vicky Mullaley is Hilariously Relatable

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Vicky Mullaley has publicly voiced the inevitable problem with dating apps in St. John’s – she keeps seeing the same 5 to 6 men every time she re-installs the Tinder app. “I’m not judging, they see me just as often as I see them. I don’t want to date any of them but I feel like writing each of them individually and being like ‘alright b’ys, let’s get a conference room down at the Delta, let’s get a whiteboard going and be like what are we doing wrong?” asked the comedian in one of her uploaded video rants. This is a small expert of the huge talent that is Vicky Mullaley – the stand up comedian who sometimes parody’s her…

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