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The integrity of art in NL culture

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It’s hard sometimes in art to not have overlapping themes. Common artistic tendencies may even be more evident through Newfoundland and Labrador, as we tend to celebrate our traditions through creative pieces. Commonalitues are more evident in sellable minute souvenirs form. As you wander the streets of downtown St. John’s each storefront has a miniature form of Jelly Bean Row for sale. From mummer statues to bottles of screech to placards stating “stay where you’re at til I comes where yer to.” – it’s obvious that we enjoy sharing our cultural practices through art. As Newfoundlanders we are a bit constrained by our reoccurring themes and that’s expected from any such a place. It’s what you do with those pieces of…

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Rod Hynes’ stories and life always bring him back home

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Rod Hynes has managed to show his wife a different part of Newfoundland every time they visit home. “Last time I showed her the Northern Peninsula. She’s from Quebec but she loves it there. She says I’m a different person when I’m there. I’m more of a Newfoundlander,” said Hynes. “But I say she’s more of a Newfoundlander than I am.” The couple have been to Hynes home town of Norris Arm, they visited Rocky Harbour and Mobile, St. John’s and Cape Broyle. When Idele wanted to see France, Rod brought her to  St. Pierre st Miquelon off the coast of Newfoundland. Miniature Boats in Mobile When the couple isn’t exploring unknown parts of home, Hynes resides in Ajax, Ontario.…

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A Look at Gerry Rogers’ Career

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  Photos from Gerry Rogers Facebook page and instagram @gerryrogersmha

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Freezerland: A piece of home in the middle of Ontario

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Darrin Osmond left McIver’s, Newfoundland for Brampton, Ontario when he was 17 years old and always had intentions of moving back home. As someone who studied Martial Arts for over twenty years, he had hoped to return to open his own studio. While he waited for that fateful day, he shopped at the aisles of Freezerland, a convenience  store with a Newfoundland spirit to remind him of where he came from.  “Once our one and only child, Rocky,  started a family of his own, we knew that we would never leave, so I started thinking about a passion number two,” said the Newfoundlander in an email. “I use to frequent Freezerland since its’ infancy and watched it mature over the…

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Shaun Majumder Brings the HATE

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NL COMEDIAN TALKS HOME, THE INTERNET TROLLS AND UPCOMING TOUR Though Shaun Majumder finds himself living miles away from Newfoundland in the big city of LA, he never has much of a chance to miss home. “I’m there so much. I spend so much time home. I’ve had a good dose over the last few years,” said the actor over the phone from his home in LA. “This is my view right now. I’m literally staring at a dish cloth with three mummers on it. Mummers is something close to home for me. Now that being said, if a group of mummers were following me around LA, that would be another story.” The award-winning comedian will be returning home once…

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