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Newfoundland, We need to Talk

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I need the Provincial government to know  that we know. It is obvious Newfoundland and Labradorians have always been in denial when it comes to this fine province. We are blindly dedicated to this mofo, even when the fish disappear, even when the oil prices drop and the housing market sky rockets. We are like a mob wife, stern and poised, standing by our province, no matter what it does to us. We are aware of this unexplainable dedication – I need you to know that we know. We know you’re the Bill Clinton to our Hilary. Now mind you, we will complain. We love a good rant and we wanna crap on the weather and shake our fists at…

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When times are tough, you have a $34K party

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When times are tough, you do without. I have faced many financial constraints in my lifetime. I have banked over 15 years in retail experience, half of that while holding two Degrees. I have wrangled my way out of my student debt. I have suffered through maternity leave with a biweekly $75 deposited into my bank. So I know what it’s like to be working hard and doing without. Heck even now, I am working three jobs, ignoring having more children and have been snipping portions of my cheque in preparation for Christmas. When I say I’m preparing for the holiday season, I am not talking massive xbox and Iphone purchases, I need money to travel to Ontario for my…

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News Round Up: Muskrat Falls

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In response to the Muskrat Falls protest and the methylmercury levels, St. John’s East MP Nick Whalen tweeted “That is ridiculous. Just measure MeHg levels, eat less fish while MeHg levels are too high, and compensate.” Wait a second, did a white rich guy just tell a community of people how to face a problem? Did he suggest something that is not a solution and would be considered ridiculous if this was his home? Did a white guy just stand up in a position of power and completely dismiss a very serious situation that is affecting a great portion of his province? No WAY. Man, I don’t remember the last time a white guy ignored the problems of others while…

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News Roundup

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There’s an Ambrose in town (and by town a mean a quarter of the country) So Rona Ambrose showed up in Atlantic Canada to show her support for the region and let us all know that she has our back. Here’s the thing though Ambrose, Atlantic Canada is huge. It’s four provinces, with four different sets of challenges, resources, economic issues and a variety of other separate factors. I dig that you showed up on our door steps (and by ours, I mean P.E.I.) because the last election flooded the East Coast with a dominant red hue, but your motivation is obvious and insincere. I hate when people come down from Ottawa with a sense of entitlement. “You’re welcome lowly…

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