Newfoundland, We need to Talk

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I need the Provincial government to know  that we know.

It is obvious Newfoundland and Labradorians have always been in denial when it comes to this fine province. We are blindly dedicated to this mofo, even when the fish disappear, even when the oil prices drop and the housing market sky rockets. We are like a mob wife, stern and poised, standing by our province, no matter what it does to us. We are aware of this unexplainable dedication – I need you to know that we know. We know you’re the Bill Clinton to our Hilary.

Now mind you, we will complain. We love a good rant and we wanna crap on the weather and shake our fists at the mainland and despite our disappointment with this great land, we have remained loyal. There is no doubt about it. We have left, and then come back. We have kept residence on land while working in Alberta. We have defended our island, stuck to our roots and loved it unconditionally. No matter how many times it cheated on us, no matter how many times it left us without money, cold and dry or wet and dirty. It could torture us and we stood by. We always stood by.

This government has tested our loyalty and taken full advantage of our dedication. In one example,  it has ignored the many communities affected by Muskrat Falls and like a crappy boyfriend, fulfilled its own needs at the risk of everyone else. It’s taken us for granted and stepped all over us in every possible way.

Well my final straw was the Nalcor president based in Bahamas. I feel like you cheated on me with someone not that good looking, ya know? Like you just f’d up without an excuse this time, or any effort to cover your tracks. This is obvious bs. This is unforgivable because of its arrogance and boldness. Did you think I wouldn’t find out and if I did, did you think I wouldn’t care?

You’re stealing my money to be extravagant, and it’s money I do not have. I’m considering selling my house and doing without, so you can have luxurious trips and drink fine wines? You’ve gone too far and taken me for granted. I’m tired and exhausted but I know what I am worth. I will pay higher taxes, if it means the betterment of us as a whole, I wait in long lines for proper healthcare, I will communicate solutions that will help everyone from coast to coast and sacrifice on my end to make this province strong.

However, I will not allow you take advantage of my kindness and use it to fly some guy from Bahamas to St. John’s for meetings. I’m over here shutting my oil off for the winter, watching Netflix in a scarf and you’re flying people around all willy nilly? There has to be someone on this island well suited for the job, or at least in the country. Like come on.

Although, we all know you haven’t done the best job when it comes picking people for the proper position (ahem….yourselves), but this is ludicrous.

It’s so ludicrous that you’re pushing people out, you are pushing your confidents away. I have grinded my heels into this land’s soil. I have stood by steadfast and hard, willing to live in a cardboard box if it meant waking up to your ocean. Well that dedication and loyalty is no longer accessible. It’s not a threat, but a warning. I think the government should know, we have removed our rose coloured glasses, we have unhinged our loyalty armour and we are ready and willing to move on.

Though it may not seem obvious, because no relationship can have a swift clean break, but your people are questioning you. The jig is up, and the loyalty has been forsaken.

Maybe I will take my money and head to the Bahamas. I heard it’s nice there this time of year.



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