When times are tough, you have a $34K party

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When times are tough, you do without.

I have faced many financial constraints in my lifetime. I have banked over 15 years in retail experience, half of that while holding two Degrees. I have wrangled my way out of my student debt. I have suffered through maternity leave with a biweekly $75 deposited into my bank. So I know what it’s like to be working hard and doing without.

Heck even now, I am working three jobs, ignoring having more children and have been snipping portions of my cheque in preparation for Christmas.

When I say I’m preparing for the holiday season, I am not talking massive xbox and Iphone purchases, I need money to travel to Ontario for my husband to have hip surgery. A surgery that is not available in Newfoundland and a surgery that will only be half covered, after $400.

So the government does not pay for travel expenses. I mean, it likes to pretend it does. I have to go with my husband and clearly I have to take my kid because she is five. The government certainly will not pay for us to accompany him.

However, that’s fine. It is what it is, as they say. We are blessed with health care and opportunity and therefore, we prioritize and do without.

MAYBE the provincial government should learn to do without.

Over $13,000 in catering for ONE event for 150 people? Are you serious right now? That’s more than most people spend on their wedding. That’s more than some people make in a year! In fact the total cost for the event overall : $34,000.

Fry up some fish cakes, through a PB and J in your lunch bag, serve some hot freaking soup. Or as my Facebook friend recommended, order a pizza. Twelve pack of hot dogs are like a dollar. COME ON. We are on a budget here.

Do you know how often the people of your province eat out? I can tell you, since the original budget release, I have ventured a restaurant two times. Meanwhile, our government is busy eating gold off gold plates in gold chairs. That’s the only way I can understand you spending that much money on a conference.

AND to make matters worse, you can’t pay for my husband to travel to necessary surgery, but you dropped $5,400 in travel expenses for this conference.

Today the government revealed that the 4 cents per litre will remain on gas prices because they cannot determine whether or not it has impacted the economic situation of this province.

You want me to continue paying 4 cent a litre in gas because you can’t figure out if that increase is affective and yet you can’t have a meal for less than $89 a plate?

Well let me inform you that the increase in gas has taken a hefty toll on my pocket, so I can let you know if it’s impacting my personal budget, I think it should be affecting yours too.

I know what IS affecting the budget, a freaking posh government party in The Rooms. Just who the heck do you think you are?

You believe this conference was necessary to the “long-term approach to fostering success and innovation in Newfoundland and Labrador.”

Here’s how I foster  success: not spending money frivolously.

Here’s an innovation: bring a can of Pepsi and leftovers to your next conference.

$34,000 on a stuffy conference, while increasing the everyday cost for individuals of this province- makes sense.

I am so glad my future financial stability rests in the hands of this government.

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