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News Roundup

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There’s an Ambrose in town (and by town a mean a quarter of the country) So Rona Ambrose showed up in Atlantic Canada to show her support for the region and let us all know that she has our back. Here’s the thing though Ambrose, Atlantic Canada is huge. It’s four provinces, with four different sets of challenges, resources, economic issues and a variety of other separate factors. I dig that you showed up on our door steps (and by ours, I mean P.E.I.) because the last election flooded the East Coast with a dominant red hue, but your motivation is obvious and insincere. I hate when people come down from Ottawa with a sense of entitlement. “You’re welcome lowly…

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Can the candidates really represent women?

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I am truly at a loss this election. I have usually felt well-versed in the candidate that I prefer. I am overly confident in the x I pencil in on Election Day and completely comfortable after I have spoken to each of those running in my district. Not this year. Not after the first historical women’s debate.

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