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In response to the Muskrat Falls protest and the methylmercury levels, St. John’s East MP Nick Whalen tweeted “That is ridiculous. Just measure MeHg levels, eat less fish while MeHg levels are too high, and compensate.”

Wait a second, did a white rich guy just tell a community of people how to face a problem? Did he suggest something that is not a solution and would be considered ridiculous if this was his home? Did a white guy just stand up in a position of power and completely dismiss a very serious situation that is affecting a great portion of his province?


Man, I don’t remember the last time a white guy ignored the problems of others while sitting comfortably in his privileged chair.



Don’t eat fish. Ok then Whalen. That’s the solution- why didn’t anyone think of that before? Wow. It’s that simple.
What’s next? Solve the homelessness problem by walking down the streets yelling “Get a job!”

Does Whalen not have a communications or PR rep at hand? He should really consider it because that was just dumb. That’s the only way to put it:  D-U-M-B.

MP Romeo Saganash (NDP)  stated Whalen’s tweet was shameful and goes against the Prime Minister’s commitment to the aboriginal community.  Liberal MP Jonathan Wilkinson responded, stating that Premier Ball will be meeting with local indigenous peoples to discuss the matter at hand.

Will he meet with them before or after another whimsical trip to Florida?

Man that budget must be hitting Premier Ball’s pockets hard. Here I am rationing food and he’s avoiding his role as The Minister responsible for Intergovernmental Affairs and Labrador & Aboriginal Affairs.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone deserves a break but HE’S THE MINISTER OF LABRADOR & ABORIGINAL AFFAIRS. The timing of his personal adventures sure seem fishy (see what I did there? With the fish throw back #Whalenfishgate2016)

Another white guy misrepresenting a group of people he can’t relate to. While aboriginal communities in Labrador are fighting for their human rights and standing by their culture, Premier Ball is hanging out with Mickey Mouse. Same same.

Gimme a break…


The protest at Muskrat Falls continues and aboriginal communities are fighting for their rights to clean and safe communities. The protests are mainly asking Nalcor that the area be cleared before flooding begins.


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