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Close-Up: Dan Earle

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  Dan Earle has been shooting for almost three years. The St. John’s photographer came upon the art almost by accident.   “It started off as a whim and quickly became a hobby and then into a source of income but I shoot almost exclusively for pleasure,” said Earle. “I find it gives me something to focus on and helps blow off steam or just relax in general.”   There is a lot of technique, education and practice behind photography, just because a person has a big camera does not necessarily mean they are suddenly an artist. “I originally didn’t have any technique at all. So I decided one day to buy a camera and ended up sitting down in…

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September Reading List

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  The Bologna Cookbook By Kevin Phillips There is nothing like waking up on the weekend and frying up some bologna and eggs. Well Kevin Phillips has taken this traditional Newfoundland breakfast and turned it into a variety of meals. At first glance one would ask is there anything else to do with bologna except the classic frying with a ketchup to dip? In fact, Phillips brings bologna to a whole other level of sophistication. Featuring two hundred recipes, Phillips realized bologna is not just a Newfoundland staple, but it is recognized across the country. This is not a book as such but a different perspective on a sausage we have all taken advantage of for a long time. Spicy…

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This is why I run

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  When I was ten years old my sister had a seizure. She was diagnosed with epilepsy and it became an everyday part of her life. As time passed by, her seizures subsided but would come back with a great vengeance, hitting her with grand mals and leaving her with permanent symptoms that she could not shake. Yvonne was a laboratory technologist and after she got married she found it difficult to work in her condition. However, she did have two children. Her second pregnancy was difficult because she could not take her medicine and began seizing later in the pregnancy. After the birth of my second niece, Amy, Yvonne found it difficult to pronounce words properly. She struggled with…

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Another North: Not just another band

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  Every once and awhile a sound comes along that is completely different. A sound that produces a feeling of satisfaction, giving off more that a head bopping beat but rather a reminder of where we are from and who are now. Another North is not just another band- they are amazing. They are a piece of home with superior talent and a true love for music and art. Another North started about six years ago. “Vince, Aaron and I instantly clicked, so we decided to keep things moving in a new project,” recalled drummer, Brad Wells. Bassist, Justin Hickey joined the band two years ago following an audition. “The boys had gone through a couple of bassists but we…

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Thinking outside the box

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Even though waiting at the stoplight can take only two minutes, it sometimes feels like a lifetime. Eyes fixated on that blank black circle, like staring into an abyss and waiting for the flicking green arrow guiding you left. It feels like an eternity. When your eyes begin to wander, you may have noticed some paintings plastered on traffic boxes. Solidified sceneries captured in time. Christina Hamlyn is one of the artists behind the traffic box project. If you venture across town, you will notice the extent of her talent. From a Newfoundland version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night to a caribou – her own work and other paintings vary throughout the city. Hamlyn has been working in effort with…

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