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Courage…one girl’s journey

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Carla Lamb does not remember being completely healthy. She feels as if she has been diagnosed over and over again. Lamb suffers from an eating disorder which has led to a long list of health issues ever since. Although, technically she was diagnosed ten years ago, Lamb said her issues with eating started long before that. “I say it began ten years ago. In retrospect, that is a false statement. It was almost twenty-two years ago. It took hospitalization at Homewood in Guelph, when undergoing intensive treatments to realize that,” said Lamb. There were daily and weekly courses offered at Homewood and a behavioural therapy session brought Lamb to admit her problem started before she had initially thought. “That is…

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December Reading List

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A Blue Puttee at War: The Memoir of Captain Sydney Frost By: Sydney Frost , Edward Roberts Dads and pops alike are going to be all over this memoire. What’s there not to dig? History, Newfoundland, a personal story about a soldier’s involvement with the Regiment during WWI. This is classic middle-age man stuff. In fact, any historical reader would be interested in Frost’s account and direct detailing of his own experience. Frost was from Nova Scotia and worked in St. John’s and when the war started, he signed up with the Newfoundland Regiment. He was one of the first 500 volunteers accepted, also known as the Blue Puttees. Frost was one of the few that lasted the entire length…

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Dark Planet Collective: a hip-hop version of broken social scenes

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  Some may say that the internet and social media has created a more accessible venue for those in need of sharing their talent. However, have we become so immediate and overloaded with constant accessibility that we don’t truly care anymore? Alley CB Flynn has recognized an overabundance of musicians hitting up youtube and constantly sharing on facebook and twitter has made it difficult for the artist who has made their project into a true labour of love. “The industry is so overly saturated and flooded with new music and artists that it’s completely overwhelming. With the ability of anybody and everybody to easily build a studio for a few hundred bucks and spam the internet with sometimes amazing but…

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Becoming a parent

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Gina Winnie

After a very tiring labour, my daughter was put on my chest immediately. The only words I asked were “Is she safe?” and then I feel asleep. I had been awake for two days straight and been in active labour for too many hours due to induction and my main goal was to get that baby out and safe. I had waited all my life for that overwhelming feeling of immediate love. My moral compass, all of my life’s decisions and employment choices have been completely based on emotion, with the ultimate end goal being love. I feel so deeply. I was banking on the fact that this initial introduction to Winnie would be my holy grail. I had felt…

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Matt Wright at LSPU Hall November 7th

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This Friday, Matt Wright will be taking the stage for his second annual show at LSPU Hall. At 8 p.m. that evening, the standup comic will be having an hour-long show hosted by SuriusXM NL’s Top Comic Steve Coombs. “He has been instrumental to getting me into standup and is a constant source of help. He’s doing well for himself. He’s great,” said Wright. The upcoming event showcases some new jokes, which makes Wright a little fearful. However, it’s nothing he hasn’t done before.   “Friday is a different set of material from the show last year. I am hoping to do the same thing again next year and the year after, just to challenge myself to stay fresh and…

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