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From Newfoundland to Vietnam: Storyteller Sabrina Pinksen journeys around the world

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Rural Newfoundland and the town of Hanoi, Vietnam are a more alike than one may realize. “Here in Vietnam, families are very integrated within one another. Grandparents live with their children and grandchildren and all the neighbors seem to be related or at least very close.  I think that’s pretty common in Newfoundland culture anyway, but especially so in rural Newfoundland,” said Hanoi resident and Newfoundlander, Sabrina Pinksen. “It was exactly like that growing up at home. I was raised by my aunts and uncles and my parents’ friends as much as I was my own parents. Saturday and Sunday dinners with our extended families happened every weekend. You freely go in and out of people’s homes, and when I…

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The 2016 St. John’s Poutine Challenge: Part I- Challenge Accepted

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By: Kristopher Smith Have you ever watched Survivor and been so sure you would bomb an Immunity challenge the second that Jeff describes the task at hand? For me this happens for pretty much any challenge that involves a puzzle. Now if the challenge involved the consumption of Canada’s delectable delicacy known as the poutine, I’d be all about it. Actually, that isn’t entirely accurate as I’m super picky and don’t really like trying new things which is why I didn’t partake in the 2015 St. John’s Poutine Challenge. I had heard about it last year, was excited but turned off when I saw some of the recipes. It was disappointing because at the time I was trying to branch…

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The Hunt for the Great Hot Chocolate: The Rocket

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ST. JOHN’S, NL – With the snow coming down and Christmas snapping at our heels, there are always a few wintery traditions everyone looks forward to despite the temperatures.

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Trot Around and Over Signal Hill

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signal hill

Today being a middlingly decent day, I figured I’d go for a trek through the Battery and up and over Signal Hill. Such adventures also make for satisfactory photo opportunities so I geared up and headed out. (click to enlarge photos) The colours of this house snagged my eye as I passed, as did the Tolkien-evoking mark on the door, as if it was a dwarven portal. Few boats on the go. Satan’s buttcrack. It was dark, dangerous, and it smelled. For a second I thought I could hear two people having an evil, conspiratorial conversation in some previously unuttered language down there, but it was just couple pigeons, having an echoey coo and chirp. Fort Amherst with an iceberg…

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End of the ride in Van City

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The first time that I woke up in Sicamous British Columbia was absolutely hilarious. I stumbled out of my tent only to realize that it was 3 in the afternoon and I was on a public beach that was overflowing with people. Not only that, but all of the locals that I had been hanging out with the night before were right there to draw attention to me with applause and laughter the moment that I staggered out of my budget Canadian tire tent. I had already realized within the first few minutes of my arrival in town that there was something special about this place, but the second day and night only further cemented these beliefs. This town is…

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