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The first time that I woke up in Sicamous British Columbia was absolutely hilarious.

I stumbled out of my tent only to realize that it was 3 in the afternoon and I was on a public beach that was overflowing with people. Not only that, but all of the locals that I had been hanging out with the night before were right there to draw attention to me with applause and laughter the moment that I staggered out of my budget Canadian tire tent.

I had already realized within the first few minutes of my arrival in town that there was something special about this place, but the second day and night only further cemented these beliefs. This town is amazing.

I was able to chill out on the beach all day, camp on that same beach all night, and jump in and out of the Shuswap lake whenever my heart desired. Plus, the locals were really cool and laid back, plus the scenery is second to none. All of these things eventually led to three more days and nights in this tiny town in the mountains. I had such a great time that I actually debated leaving, but with less than 600km to Vancouver, I made the decision to chill out for one more day and then head back out on the highway.

When I finally left for Van City, I expected that I could do the whole trip in one or two days as long as I started early in the morning. Once again, in keeping with the typical happy-go-lucky hitchhiking experience that I’ve been having all along, I caught one straight ride from the Tim Hortons in Sicamous all the way to the Lougheed Town Centre Station in Coquitlam.

This car ride had more scenery packed into a five and a half hour drive than some people might experience in a lifetime. Not only was the long scenic drive refreshing, but with every kilometer I was becoming more and more elated with the fact that I would soon be arriving in Vancouver. So much so that I totally forgot to have Jeff, the driver, sign my air mattress cover. The final leg of my cross country hitchhiking journey and I had neglected to ask for a signature because I was too busy smiling at my new surroundings. So Jeff from Calgary, if you’re reading this, there’s a circle on my air mattress cover where you’re signature should be representing the 5+ hour drive that you hooked me up with.

Right now I’m like a 20 minute skytrain ride away from downtown Vancouver. I am sitting on a bench typing this on my cellphone so that it’s completed before I get into the city. As once I am there, I intend to celebrate.

Over 8000 km of hitchhiking and 44 days on the road.

I have been through two backpacks, two skateboards, mad different time zones, and one pair of poorly constructed flip flops. Words cannot illustrate the high that I’m currently on, but basically, it feels like I’m on top of the world.

I’ve stood on the highways with my thumb out and my head held high from coast to coast. I’ve smiled at thousands of vehicles that have sped past me, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have over 50 motorists stop to give me a ride. I started in St. John’s, and in less than one half hour I will be in downtown Van-stedam. I can’t believe I actually made it!

Next stop, Waterfront skytrain station followed by the Cambie Hostel.


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