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Lian Morrison: Shooting from all angles

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Meet Lian Morrison, a cinematographer and filmmaker who was born in Corner Brook but grew up in Paradise. “I think I am a bit of an introvert but at the same time my favorite thing to do is meet new people and. I’ve always been imaginative and independent since I was a kid so that hasn’t changed much.” Outside of work, the director keeps busy. She likes hiking, reading, gardening, baycations, checking out new breweries, traveling, running, scuba diving and spending time with her family, friends and cats.  Her film resume covers a variety of documentaries, including a recent episode of CBC’s Canada’s A Drag featuring St. John’s own queen, Irma Gerd. Morrison also has her own company Tin Bird Productions and has travelled the…

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Sharing Stories: Feminism Re/Presented

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St. John’s artist Jennifer Snow met photographer Maddie Mills in an unconventional way- after Snow presented for PechaKucha St. John’s in January, Mills approached her. “She came up to me afterwards and said ‘let’s be friends, you seem fun.’ We became pretty fast friends. She is a beam of light- her personality is so infectious because she is genuinely good,” recalls Snow of their initial introduction. “ Later, I noticed on her instagram she had a call for models and I thought me and my partner might want to do it for a laugh and I thought it would be fun. I later mentioned I always wanted to try body painting, and in my mind I pictured painting one person.…

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Blank Page: Filling space with urban streetwear

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Brooke Patey wanted to share her drawings in a less conventional, yet approachable way. So she turned to fashion as a wearable means to display her talents.   “I wanted to share my art with my friends and family in a way that it wouldn’t just hang on the wall and clothing to me was the way,” said the designer. “I enjoy that each piece of clothing takes a different journey with each customer.” Patey started Blank Page Clothing Co.,  featuring urban streetwear covered in her artwork. The pieces include t-shirts and baseball tees with black and white traditional drawings, as well as beanies with the signature name of the company hand scrawled within the front. There are accessories and…

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Rock Vandal: Adding explosive colour to the Twillingate community

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If you happen to be walking down the streets and come across an unexpected piece of knitted art work- it’s likely you’ve been yarn bombed. “Yarnbombing is where you make street art from yarn. It’s totally temporary, and since most of us associate knitting and crochet with someone dear, it has a tendency to make us feel warm and fuzzy,” explain Nina Elliott of Twillingate. Elliott, also known as Rock Vandal, started experimenting with yarn bombing as a new way to be creative and have fun. Rock Vandal is originally from Hamilton, Ontario and she moved to Twllingate from England in 2012. Referring to herself as “a Newfoundlander by choice,” Elliott gets her inspiration from all around her. “Everywhere and…

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Sailor Danny: When the colour doesn’t matter

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Sailor Danny takes full advantage of the night. Once his family is asleep and the work is done for the day, he immediately picks up a paintbrush. “I’m down in the studio kickin it. I’m pretty religious about it. I can’t let go of the brush,” said the artist. “Life might get in the way but for me that’s the next drive. I put that back into the art.” The artist is known for his pieces featuring icons and musicians using colour theory, in which “the colours don’t matter,” as he describes it. Faces may be blue or yellow or red, while skylines could be purple, the choice in colour is irrelevant, as long as it’s forming the right image.…

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