Blank Page: Filling space with urban streetwear

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Brooke Patey wanted to share her drawings in a less conventional, yet approachable way. So she turned to fashion as a wearable means to display her talents.  

“I wanted to share my art with my friends and family in a way that it wouldn’t just hang on the wall and clothing to me was the way,” said the designer. “I enjoy that each piece of clothing takes a different journey with each customer.”

Patey started Blank Page Clothing Co.,  featuring urban streetwear covered in her artwork. The pieces include t-shirts and baseball tees with black and white traditional drawings, as well as beanies with the signature name of the company hand scrawled within the front. There are accessories and sweatshirts as well and Patey looks forward to producing more gear in the near future with different approaches.


“Lately we have been expanding our horizons a little, in the future I hope to keep bringing different products in the accessory department and clothing side of things. New designs and pieces that everyone can enjoy, and hopefully some more colour,” said Patey. “All the designs are hand drawn by me. My style of art is heavily influenced by tattoo artwork, different experiences in my life, and my friends and family,.”

In 2017 Patey had the idea to start featuring her work in a public manner and it started growing from there. The name says it all: Patey starts her design with a blank page and it turns into wearable pieces.

Blank Page is a play on words in that all of the artwork starts out with just a blank piece of paper. It is also my initials,” explained the artist. “The reaction has been very positive, especially in the city. People really enjoy that things are drawn by me personally and printed locally.” 


Patey who hails from central Newfoundland, has seen Blank Page streetwear on different customers in public and is enjoying the experience of surprise displays of her work.

“I love it! We also follow the hashtag #Blankpageclothing so we get to see our customers rocking their BP gear,” she said. “I have also spotted some stickers around town, it lights a spark in you to see people enjoying something you created. I think that’s why most creators are extremely passionate, it is so satisfying.”

To purchase your own pieces of Blank Page Website  and check it out on social media:

Instagram @blankpageclothingco

Facebook: Blank Page Clothing Co


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