Johnson Geo Centre now a place of anti-science

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**UPDATE: This event has been cancelled by the Geo Centre. Well done.

ST. JOHNS – The Johnson Geo Centre is home to some of the best and most interesting science displays and science education on the entire east coast of this country. Sadly, however, that is about to change. On May 31st, the Centre will be hosting a talk given by Dr. George Grant, PhD entitled “Exposing the Medical Truth on Vaccines, Statin Drugs & Depression”.

Dr. Grant (not a medical doctor) is a “natural doctor” who works at The Health and Wellness Centre which is unquestionably anti-vaccine, and believes that statin drugs and MSG in our food cause ALS.  But thankfully, Dr. Grant explains how ALS can be healed by changing your diet (in his book he sells on his website Your 101 ways to live to 101 years Healthy/Wealthy/Sexy/Wise).

So why would the Johnson Geo Centre, a beacon of science and technology, agree to allow this talk to even take place?

After numerous people expressed concern on the Geo Centre Facebook page, they had this response:

“As a science centre we support engaged, active and informed debate and expression on a variety of topics.

In this particular case the event is a facility booking and not a GEO CENTRE hosted event and therefore does not have any implied reflection on the centre’s views on this topic.”

I’m sorry, but allowing this talk to take place at your institution can only appear like an endorsement. An endorsement which could make parents decide to not vaccinate their children. An endorsement which could lead to children getting vaccine preventable disease. An endorsement which could lower the vaccination rate in this great city and ultimately put people’s lives at risk.

Do the right thing Geo Centre. Cancel this event.



  1. Supporting ‘informed debate?’ Dr. Grant has no new information to further this subject. Study after study has failed to find any link between vaccines and . Carrying the argument forward, calling this an informed discussion is equivalent to a speech titled ‘why the sun goes around the earth, science got it wrong!’ being healthy informed debate. It isn’t. Science is done from a lab, not from a pulpit.

    Further, it’s morally reprehensible for the Geo Center to hide behind the dollar sign on this. Dr. Grant is the leader of a marketing machine, and is more interested in profit than helping people, which is clear when you look at the ‘careers’ page on his website: he’s looking for zero doctors, and 10 marketing specialists.

    This man could quite literally cause children Newfoundland to die. Cancel the event.

  2. “Exposing the Medical Truth” is no longer taking place at the GEO CENTRE, however has not yet been updated on the event organizers page. ….. this event has decided to move to another location, so it will no longer be held at the GEO CENTRE. (Taken from the GEO CENTRE Facebook page.)

  3. Typical of our culture. It goes against what the majority of us believe so they don’t have a right to say it. The author should be ashamed of himself.
    And I say this as someone who is 100% pro vaccine.

      • Trying to stop them from speaking at the Geo Centre isn’t “Disagreeing”. It’s strong-arming them into silence.

        • It was more about trying to make sure that having someone speaking using pseudoscience and endangering children’s lives, does not take place at a place of science.

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