Hitchhiking Canada: East to West Without Regrets, Part 1

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Some people have goals and dreams and apparently, there are even some people that know exactly what they want out of life. Well, that’s what I overheard somebody say on a bus once. However, I cannot confirm those statements because I have never been one of those people. The first to flee from commitment and the last to formulate any form of plans. I am unable to concentrate on the future and unwilling to make any decisions until the last minute. Now, although this may seem strange to some, this is the way that I’ve been for as long as I can remember.

My family and friends were not surprised when I told them that I would be hitchhiking across the country by myself. In fact, they simply requested I visit along the way. The people who know me are used to the unusual way that I operate and for the most part, they are supportive and encouraging when it comes to my lack of drive and ambition.
So basically, when I told my friends and my fammo that I wanted to hitchhike to Vancouver, they were all cool with it because they know that I will be happy as a wanna-be drifter for the time being. More importantly, they know that this is the closest I have ever come to having an official goal.

I first landed in St. John’s in September of 2013, with the intentions of hitchhiking across the country with a friend. Although we only made it to Rocky Harbour before changing our minds and deciding to drive to Ontario, there was no denying that Newfoundland was the spot. Which is why we packed up all of our belongings and drove back to St. John’s in November.

The winter was long. My friend ended up moving back home in February and I was seriously tempted to give into the weather and move South but I stayed and I toughed it out.

As the temperatures increase, I realize that I’d really like to experience at least one summer in St. John’s (especially after that crazy winter). That being said, my desire to hitchhike across Canada can no longer be ignored. So hopefully the future will lead me back East to St. John’s for at least one season of sun because my love for the road is calling me West.

I walked away from a colourful downtown apartment, an old beat up Mazda and everything else that I cannot fit into my backpack. One $30 tent, one down-filled sleeping bag, one lightweight butane stove, an old skateboard and one brand new hacky sack. These will become my only possessions.
St. John’s to Vancouver, and then, most likely, Vancouver to California. I will be writing once a week in an attempt to document my journeys, as well as filming all of the random shenanigans with my budget smartphone. No hotels, no plans, no guarantees.

In my previous escapades, I was lucky enough to get rides from kind and interesting individuals. I cannot be certain that this trip will resemble my last attempt at thumbing it West, but I can be certain that it will be an experience. Also, I am not sure what to do if I see a moose or a bear along the way. I’m not very informed when it comes to wildlife and nature in general, but hey, I’m not going to let a few minor details prevent me from giving this trip of a lifetime the good ol’ community college try!

So if you see me on the highway with my thumb out, don’t be afraid to give a little wave or even a smile. I’ll be the one rockin’ the “ear to ear”, eagerly awaiting what the next kilometer has in store for me.



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