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Dark Planet is back in action and with a brand new video.

“For the Love of Hip Hop” is a fine trip down old school lane with a familiar sensation with clips of Alley CB Flynn doing his thang and hitting up local scenes in town. Though the sound hits an old-school nerve, it’s a fresh alternative to anything ever heard before and delivers a unique song that listeners can connect with while easily bopping their head up and down.

This is the third video release from The Blue Wolf Chronicles by Dark Planet which includes Flynn and his partner in crime Adam Caines, known as AC Glowbrain. The duo decided to slowly release videos month by month to remain connected to the album and keep fans intrigued.

The well-edited Youtube video was recorded in a much more simpler manner than it would seem.

“This one was done pretty much just like all the others so far which is to just grab my camera, go find a couple locations and shoot ’til the battery dies,” said Flynn about the video. “Then I take the footage home and pray that we got something I can work. I then start the process of cutting it up and planning out how I’m going to make it pop and stand out.”

Flynn makes it sound a lot easier than it actually is since the video is an example of a finely tuned outcome. It reflects the sound from the song with a lot of hip hop attitude and a piece of home.

“Something strange, unique and imperfectly perfect. Something that represents my attitude, humour, frustrations and victories over the past year, my outlook for the future,” said the artist about what he hopes to achieve with this video release. “To hopefully light a few fires and maybe inspire others to get creative and embrace your muses, loves and obsessions to the fullest possible level. Motivate, Innovate, Create, Elevate, Now!”

The Blue Wolf Chronicles is an album that can be categorized as Hip Hop, but every song is different and reaches a whole other level of talent.

“As a song I believe this track is a lot more upbeat and less serious as opposed to ‘Stand Up’ which is very aggressive and in your face and ‘P.U.S.H’ which is pretty content heavy and personal. As a video it definitely shows off my sense of humour and attitude in a way that’s much more realistic as to how I actually am in my everyday life,” explained Flynn.

He plays five instruments on this track along with the vocals and though he says he is an easy going guy who just wants “create random stuff,” he is pretty busy and dedicated to his art.

“I get to write, edit and star in my own music videos, push myself and redline myself creatively while learning new skills and tricks every step of the way. I know nothing I have done is even near perfect but I feel it’s all been sincere and from the heart and with every video,” said Flynn about all his many endeavours thus far. “In the end though I guess cant help but feel a sense of success and accomplishment no matter what way I look at it. I know I will never be famous but I’ll always get to do what I love on my own time, terms and conditions: wild and free baby!”

Check out “For the Love of Hip Hop” now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBmxxp4RJ7U


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