Power of Persuasion: Chill with Jill talks Radio, YouTube and A&W

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Jill Power has had a pretty interesting go of it in the last few years.

For starters, the MUN student started a Podcast, Chill with Jill aired on CHMR Radio as a means to get engaged with interesting people.

Turns out, she ends up chatting with the cream of the crop – Newfoundland go tos like Mark Critch and Tom Power and she even sat down with Peter Mansbridge for a dandy chat at one point- can you imagine?

“I have my hands in a bit of everything. The podcast started in 2015, my first year of university. Radio was always one of those things I always wanted to do,” explained the host. “I was originally studying Education and The CHMR made me realize it is not my passion. They took me under their wing, it’s a great place to learn the ropes.”

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Power then went on to interview well-known names, which is impressive for a university morning show.

“There are only so many times people can say no to you. I’m very persistent,” said Power of her roster of interviewees. “ That being said, I do find Canadians, especially Newfoundland personalities willing to help you out.”

From there, Jill was recognized by CBC and started working as an associate producers, while writing a few freelance projects and web articles.

“I managed to weasel my way in. When you’re in Newfoundland, you get to do a bit of everything,” said Power of her duties. “Everyday is exciting. It’s a dream job working with my idols, who are now my colleagues.”

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Chill with Jill isn’t the only portion of Power’s interesting resume. She is now a third year Music student at Memorial University studying under Mark Murphy and she displayed her talents most recently at The Growlers game- a “rewarding experience” for the singer.

If you’ve never been to a Growlers game but Power’s face is familiar, you probably saw her on the A & W commercial.Though she doesn’t act, it just adds perfectly to the persona of who is Jill Power.

“Honestly, I was in the right place at the right time. It was a nice Spring Day in May and I was asked if I wanted to be in a commercial,” explained the rookie actress. “It was a really cool experience. I didn’t have much acting experience except my last year in High School I was in Fame. That was my first big exposure to acting.”

After the shoot, Power was explaining her  moment of fame to a coworker at her then part-time job at the airport gift shop and she was blindly ringing in a customer who was curious about her experience. Power spoke candidly about how sweet the A&W guy was and then looks up to discover she was speaking directly to him. This story among others, is one of her features on her Youtube vlog (That’s right, she does vlogs too.)

“I recently started it this year, it’s always been a goal of mine. I couldn’t post it until I had it ready. People say I’m funny and people told me to make a vlog,” said Power of the experience. “I made one on MUN etiquette. I keep it light – hearted, there is enough politics and bad news in the world today. It took a while to get going because if my perfectionism, but my friends are very supportive and encouraged me to go for it.”

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For now, Power is trying to stay focused on school because it’s a demanding program and she considers herself a perfectionist, so it takes up most of her time. She’s looking forward to a possible revival  of a segment with CBC titled Power of Your Voice.

“So what I do is walk up to random people and ask if I can give them a quick crash course in how to properly sing. We go through different warm ups and then I get them to sing a song- usually a karaoke hit. We piece together the clips of everyone singing to create radio magic,” said the associate producer. “A lot of people say no. There is something about running up to people and putting a microphone in their faces that makes them shy. But we do get a lot of good sports who are fun to work with and the segment has gotten a lot of great feedback from listeners so far. It’s cool to hear positive feedback from people other than my mom (though I appreciate hers).”

Aside from the music, the acting and the many media adventures and jobs- in five years,  Power has a vision of possibilities that includes some of her passions.

“Hopefully I have graduated,” she jokes. “My dream job would be with CBC music, and I am hoping to make that a reality. If I could get someone to pay me to do what I love  that would be ideal.”

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