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Serving up some Rice on MasterChef Canada

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Photo from Wet your palates and wave the green, pink and white tonight because some Newfoundlanders will be on MasterChef Canada representing. You know there is nothing more strong in Newfoundland than a bit of pride- we loves when one of us gets the spot light and puts a mark of significance on the mainland. Kristal Rice of Gander will be one of Newfoundlanders cooking up a storm on the premier of MasterChef Canada tonight. The 29-year-old clerk at the hospital is married and the mother of a four-year-old and has been cooking ever since she was a little girl. “I got into it with my Nanny, she loves to cook. Every time she was in the kitchen, she…

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Tval: soap so good you want to eat it

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Do not go into Tval on Water Street if you are feeling hungry. The skin care company is filled with delicious scents and small extremely realistic cupcakes sit on a stand, tantalizing all your taste buds. Soaps, cleansers, creams and more are all prepared fresh at the store. Tval opened in February of 2004 and was started by Anna Hellqvist, a Swedish biologist and chemist and her husband Jason Bailey, a Newfoundland biologist. The two met in Sweden when they were completing their PhD’s.  They moved to the rock where Anna started Tval as a hobby shop on Duckworth Street at the time. “Anna had been making products on her own since childhood. She had always been interested in skincare…

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I will not call this post Hammer Time

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Every single time Hammer Clarke meets someone- they are always fascinated by his name. He is continuously bombarded with questions about how and why his official name became Hammer, and everyone assumes he is joking around. That being said, if you know Clarke, it would not be unlike him to play a lifelong joke on the entire world and trick them into believing his name is Hammer, just for his own personal entertainment. There is more to Clarke than a pretty sick name- he has visited nearly 37 states. He played in a band that actually went on tour and when he wasn’t playing with them, he was their official sound guy. That’s right, a band with a sound guy,…

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There and back again

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From Newfoundland to Montreal, parents Thomson and Hamel keep the music alive. Tint of Ink has been trying to interview Matthew J. Thomson and Danielle R. Hamel for way too long. If you ever have the chance to check out their music (it’s free online)- do it. It’s a masterpiece. They are nothing like anything you’ve heard before, yet so appealing. Their songs will enlighten emotions you didn’t even realize you had. Hold on to your hats and have a listen, you’ll understand why I was so desperate for an interview. Bumping into the musicians at a kid’s birthday party was the perfect opportunity to secure a spot with the busy parents of two. Unfortunately, juggling their own kids’ schedules…

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Living the dream: Newfoundlanders set off to travel the world

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Do you ever feel like throwing away all responsibility and hitting the road? Really indulging in your inner Hunter S. Thompson or Kerouac, maybe without all the drugs? Well a couple of Newfoundlanders did just that- in a less beatnik-smoky kind of way. They decided it was time to live their lives. They sold their house, left their jobs and jumped on a plane.

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