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Kris V The St. John’s Burger Battle

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As I wrote last month, The Overcast had sponsored The St. John’s Burger Battle, a month long event featuring fifteen restaurants serving up their own version of a burger with the winner being crowned at the end of February. Like the 2016 Poutine Challenge and 2016 Mac and Cheese Showdown, I took part in the St. John’s Burger Battle. I have previously written articles plugging the event and then followed them up with a write-up and review of the dishes I tried. This time around, I only managed to try three out of the fifteen burgers. This is a personal worst for me out of these three events. Unlike the last two events, I DID remember to vote for my…

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A Thank You to the Victim of the Snelgrove Case

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Fire Snelgrove

With the verdict of the Snelgrove case on our heels, I want to scream as loud as I can that the jury must have been a plethora of idiots. Of course, as a woman I want to stomp up and down and say the justice system isn’t fair and we need to reevaluate the law but I have yelled that statement a few too many times in my life, without any avail. I have come to terms with a lot of the injustices in the world, because I have to get up every morning and survive. I have had to change perspective on a lot of actions in order to live as a woman. It’s something we do, we brush…

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Feeling Like A Criminal (Podcast)?

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As a society, we seem to be fascinated with crime. If you watch the local evening news like I do, you know that a large portion of the stories each night deal with the courts and there have been countless television shows based around the police procedural. I spent fifteen years watching CSI and was on board for multiple seasons of its spin-off shows as well. What is it about crime and specifically murder that gets us all so interested? In my previous article, I wrote about my friend Courtney Mona’s YouTube channel and came out as a sort of YouTube denier. Another aspect of the entertainment world that I don’t often subscribe (pun Intended) to is the podcast, though…

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The Analog Age: Three Old School, yet New Age Blokes

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For the longest time I figured my adoration for The Analog Age came from my deep love for the three band mates. They each held a special place in my heart completely outside of their musical talents and my pride was bursting every time they went on stage. Like a mom in the corner cheerleading like a boss. “Those are my boys up there; they are going to be famous some day! You’ll see, you’ll all see!”   Well in a sense, my motherly instincts were right. In September, The Analog Age posted their first video for “No Sleep” and it went NL Viral. With 12K views and 112 Shares, these boys have some recognizable talent. During this tidal wave…

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Closet Monster: A Monster Gem of a Movie

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It’s a well known fact that the 2016 Summer Blockbuster season hasn’t been a particularly rewarding one for audiences and studios alike. Some of the most anticipated movies were met with negative reviews, criticism and little fanfare. But in a sea of disappointment one movie met and even exceeded expectations. Enter Stephen Dunn’s Closet Monster, a very upbeat, colourful and often-times humorous coming-of-age drama that is loosely based on his own life growing up as a queer teen in St. John’s, Newfoundland. The anticipation for Closet Monster had been building up for quite some time since it’s TIFF 2015 debut and I am happy to report that it delivered on it’s hype. Closet Monster wasn’t a Summer blockbuster in any…

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