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News Round Up: Muskrat Falls

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In response to the Muskrat Falls protest and the methylmercury levels, St. John’s East MP Nick Whalen tweeted “That is ridiculous. Just measure MeHg levels, eat less fish while MeHg levels are too high, and compensate.” Wait a second, did a white rich guy just tell a community of people how to face a problem? Did he suggest something that is not a solution and would be considered ridiculous if this was his home? Did a white guy just stand up in a position of power and completely dismiss a very serious situation that is affecting a great portion of his province? No WAY. Man, I don’t remember the last time a white guy ignored the problems of others while…

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You and Your Friends Should Buy This

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“Your Friends Don’t Buy it at All” is It Could be Franky’s debut album, a project from Land of the Lake’s member Danielle Hamel. As a huge fan of hers, I can sense some similarities in the lyrics between Hamel’s solo and duo acts. Or maybe it’s just her voice I am familiar with or her words resonate with me on many levels, no matter what musical platform.

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Maddie Mills Photography: An Experience

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I met Maddie Mills in the fields of Lester’s Farm. She had requested my husband and I for a modeling shoot for some marketing materials. Her, along with the help of Live Wire Events and Nadia Ali Makeup Artistry, handpicked everything . From wedding gown to shoes, from  back drop to invitations. They had set up a completely fake wedding scene, in which I believed to be acting as a live prop. I was beyond wrong. I wasn’t a stand in to her photo shoot, but I was in the middle of an unexpected and lasting memory with my husband. Though I was unprepared for the outcome, it will remain  one of our favourite times together. Maddie does not simply…

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The Northern Passage of Victim Blaming

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I am so tempted to personally send a letter to Joel North and point out the obvious, but I truly think it’s a waste of my time. In case you never heard, Joel North got himself into some social media hot water the past week or so. A Coast 101.1 radio host responded to a woman’s tweet about live streaming her video gaming skills. In response, he tweeted: “you’d get more viewers if you were stripping.” Classy guy that Joel North, ain’t he? He’s one of a kind. I don’t have to point out that he is clearly diminishing this woman and implying that her only worth and talent is of sexual nature, because it seems pretty apparent. When it…

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News Roundup

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There’s an Ambrose in town (and by town a mean a quarter of the country) So Rona Ambrose showed up in Atlantic Canada to show her support for the region and let us all know that she has our back. Here’s the thing though Ambrose, Atlantic Canada is huge. It’s four provinces, with four different sets of challenges, resources, economic issues and a variety of other separate factors. I dig that you showed up on our door steps (and by ours, I mean P.E.I.) because the last election flooded the East Coast with a dominant red hue, but your motivation is obvious and insincere. I hate when people come down from Ottawa with a sense of entitlement. “You’re welcome lowly…

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