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What is Tint of Ink?

Our generation was told that we could be anything: try hard enough and your dreams will come true. We conjured up a world where not only could we find a job we are passionate about but also paid well. We expected a Bachelor’s Degree to produce this wildly impossible dream where we work with great people that provide an unbelievable work-life balance.

Turns out a lot of people are pumping out those Degrees and no one is entirely sure what to do one it’s received. I thought I’d walk out of that campus dangling my Degree in from of prosperous employers to determine my professional fate. Shockingly no one jumped for an English Major. Turns out those Bas are a dime a dozen.

Once we all get over the shock that a graduation status is not as unique as anticipated, we continue on to more schooling or find a job. Life goes on and the bills have to be paid.

In the mist of the mortgage payment and the children, the 9-5 and the grind, I wanted to tell people’s stories. I wanted to hear more from Newfoundland and I wanted to express more openly (and crassly) about government and politics.

I recognized a human need to be creative and decided an online magazine to ensure that we do not get lost in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.

Tint of Ink: a Newfoundland saying for a spot of ink on a fountain pen. It was never created to report the hard-hitting news, nor do we claim to be extraordinary. We are people who came together as a community because we love everything about this island and we want to share them with others. It’s also an opportunity for people to write, blog, report or whatever they want without limits.

We are a creative outlet for the community and for others to learn about Newfoundland and Labrador.

“An online magazine about the people of NL,” that’s our motto and it’s that simple.

We don’t want to falter to harsh mainstream media guidelines. We just want people to be able to write and give their opinion while letting the world know about all the great things on the go in Newfoundland and Labrador.

If you would like to be a part of the Tint movement, give us a shout via Facebook or Twitter (@tintofink) and we would love to work with you.

*image from Reddit and Imgur, artist unknown


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A cultural shaming intertwined with harassment

The Newfoundland and Labrador provincial government has come under scrutiny with harassment accusations that have come forward in the House of Assembly. Both Eddie Joyce and Dale Kirby have been removed from the Liberal caucus and cabinet on paid leave … Keep Reading

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News Round Up: June

Debbie Hanlon and the advertisement fail Councillor Hanlon put out some questionable ads for her Real Estate business recently. Though the politician has come under scrutiny for the offensive nature of the strange ads, she is also facing serious online … Keep Reading


Be Careful With Bees

As May ended, the town of Bay Bulls, located about twenty minutes outside of Newfoundland’s capital city had a bit of unusual request for residents: pardon your weeds and feed the bees. Dads and lawn boys throughout Bay Bulls must … Keep Reading

Hitchhiking Canada: East to West Without Regrets, Part 3

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After a few rainy days in Fredericton, New Brunswick, I was on a quest to reach the province of Quebec. So I skateboarded down the on-ramp to put my thumb out on the side of the highway as soon as the rain stopped. At first, it took me about 45 minutes to get picked up but once the ball started rolling I was getting one short ride after another with less than 5 minutes of waiting. Before sunset, I arrived at an Irving gas station and I decided to toss up my tent in the field behind the building for the night. This would allow me to charge my cell phone using the outdoor plug outlets located behind the Irving…

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Thinking outside the box

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Even though waiting at the stoplight can take only two minutes, it sometimes feels like a lifetime. Eyes fixated on that blank black circle, like staring into an abyss and waiting for the flicking green arrow guiding you left. It feels like an eternity. When your eyes begin to wander, you may have noticed some paintings plastered on traffic boxes. Solidified sceneries captured in time. Christina Hamlyn is one of the artists behind the traffic box project. If you venture across town, you will notice the extent of her talent. From a Newfoundland version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night to a caribou – her own work and other paintings vary throughout the city. Hamlyn has been working in effort with…

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The Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival: More than just a place to catch some awesome music

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If you’re looking to take in a huge dose of live music, you can do far worse than the NL Folk Festival. In the second week in August, for the 38th year in a row, dozens of bands and musicians from across the province and around the world descended on St. John’s for three days of songs, tunes and merriment. This year, bigger names like Fortunate Ones, Gord Downey, Kevin Burke and Basia Bulat joined a multitude of perhaps less known but excellent performers on the main stage and in workshops. Whether you wanted to just sit in the field and be entertained, or to get up close and learn something, you could get your fill. While it’s not necessarily…

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Hitchhiking Canada: East to West Without Regrets, Part 2

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As of today, it has been 13 days since I left St. John’s to hitchhike my way West to British Columbia before hitching my way down South to California. So far it’s been 1918 kilometers, 15 separate rides and one ferry from Port aux Basques to North Sydney. I have to admit, it has been nothing but fun. Currently, I am in Fredericton New Brunswick and it’s pretty rainy. I’m hoping that it clears up today or tomorrow so I can get back on the open road as soon as possible because hitchhiking in the rain is like sweeping leaves in the wind. Standing on the side of the Trans-Canada Highway with my thumb out is always the most exciting…

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Hanrahan is not a hipster

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lucas music photo 1

Recently a new type of character has come to be recognized and well known- the hipster. You all know him, he listens to vinyl, he usually has a beard or a moustache. The most notable trait of the hipster is the fact that he supposedly takes little to no effort to be anything but mainstream. Lucas Hanrahan is not a hipster. His pants are rolled up, his guitar is on his back, he considers growing facial hair but he is too busy being emotionally involved in every moment in life that he is unable to be effortless. Yes at a glimpse he does withhold a somewhat hipster-ish style, if you will. I am sure he digs the sound of records,…

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