5 best places to get a coffee in St. John’s

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There is no shortage of coffee houses in our fair city, but which one has the best tasting coffee? We sent our reporter on a mission to rank the top 5.

5. Cafe Ole, Mount Pearl – This little food stand in Mount Pearl Square has some of the best coffee around. Well worth the drive.

4. Coffee Matters, Military Road – A popular place to get all kinds of coffee, lattes and everything in between. Save yourself a bit of cash and skip the fancy drinks and get their house blend.

3. Rocket Bakery, Water Street – Well known for their bakery and hipster vibe, The Rocket also serves a great variety of delicious coffees. Elbow your way past the suspender wearing beardo and grab a cup.

2. Jumping Bean Coffee, Harvey Road – A relatively new establishment in this location, their coffee is simply fantastic. Not much more to say. Go there and drink it.

1. Fixed Coffee and Baking, Duckworth Street – A little tucked away coffee house on the edge of downtown is the best coffee around, hands down. Get a large cup of joe, grab a seat and watch the world go by while you have the best coffee you will ever have.


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