Maddie Mills Photography: An Experience

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I met Maddie Mills in the fields of Lester’s Farm. She had requested my husband and I for a modeling shoot for some marketing materials.

Her, along with the help of Live Wire Events and Nadia Ali Makeup Artistry, handpicked everything . From wedding gown to shoes, from  back drop to invitations. They had set up a completely fake wedding scene, in which I believed to be acting as a live prop.

I was beyond wrong.

I wasn’t a stand in to her photo shoot, but I was in the middle of an unexpected and lasting memory with my husband. Though I was unprepared for the outcome, it will remain  one of our favourite times together.

fall-in-love-66Maddie does not simply offer you photos of your most intimate moments, she allows you to experience and bond with the people you love. She has the ability to capture those connections perfectly and to grasp your natural reactions and emotions, while displaying you in a completely artistic and wonderful way.

A photo shoot with Maddie behind the lens, is in fact not a shoot, but rather an opportunity to be in the elements with your partner or family and have a moment, away from all the chaos, responsibility and be at peace. You won’t even know she’s there until she reminds you with the permanent copies of time standing still, and you are at your very best.

Her talents come from years being behind the camera, in a personal and professional manner.

“Ever since I was a little girl, in my parent’s home movies I was always a camera hog. Once I was old enough to hold onto the old video camera, there started a huge archive of film of me walking around the house talking to myself behind the lens,” explained the photographer. “In my pre-teens, I began taking photos, really bad ones, with my mother’s camera of flowers, bugs, shoes, you name it. Looking back, that started a really natural progression for me that eventually led to photographing people. This is where I fell in love.  Photographing the most intimate moments of people’s life is such a special and magical experience. I adore people and their stories, and having the ability to preserve this for clients is just an amazing feeling.”

Maddie has seen an increase in demand over the past summer, going from four weddings in one year to 16 the next.

“Over the years I’ve been doing this, I’ve been lucky to experience the growth that I have. I owe a ton of thanks to my support group. My family and close knit best friends have been amazing, not to mention my awesome clients. It has been a crazy adventure but such a blessing. I have been forced to adapt to liking Tim’s Iced Capps now to keep me awake but how can I complain?” asked the 19-year-old.

Maddie works side by side with couples and families, asking them to stay natural and have conversations, while indirectly and non-invasively posing them and structuring them in the most appealing way. I cannot express enough how much you won’t know she is there (even though she is great company.)  Let’s admit it, getting your picture taken can be exhausting and sometimes hard, but she ensures you are having a moment first, that’s being captured second.

“My main objective is always to capture love and beauty; however that may manifest itself for each particular wedding. I have my bag of tricks- but each couple is so different, so that’s why I approach photography in an adaptable manner, in a way where I stay true to my art while at the same time making my newlyweds feel comfortable.  Photography, if you allow it, can be so raw and organic, and I always strive to tell the true story of the lovers in front of me,” she said.

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