Lucas Hanrahan launches debut album: Marriages

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The story of musician Lucas Hanrahan is an impressive one to say the least. The 24-year-old has been rocking out for nearly twelve years and he has a hefty musical history under his belt. As someone who has been dedicated to his art form for half of his life, Hanrahan has kept music as a priority even in the busiest times of his every day.

“I think sometimes when you are passionate about multiple things you can get spread thin, but it’s also important to have multiple outlets to keep yourself inspired. I am lucky enough to love my job and work somewhere that provides enough flexibility to invest myself in music as much as I do,” said Hanrahan.

Hanrahan can usually be found as the front man of the trio The Analog Age, but recently produced a solo album titled Marriages which will be officially launched this Friday, February 24 at The Rock House, with special guests Another North and Young Maniacs.

“I am very lucky to have them join us on the line up, both bands are local favourites and just amazing guys. As soon as I booked the venue I knew who I was asking to join me. I think people can expect lots of collaborations and just a well-planned show from start to finish. I want every second to be captivating. I love hearing how the album turned out on record, but playing live is what it’s all about,” he said.

Though Hanrahan has had many gigs with his band and solo, he has been creating music on his own for some time now and was ready share it in a more official manner with the public.

Resized_IMG_1678-2“For me it’s really important to have a full album, it takes more than one or two songs to start creating an identity as an artist. After playing music for years and writing dozens of songs I finally felt confident in the work I have created and was ready to do the songs justice in studio,” said the musician.

As a writer who makes little to no money, I can understand a need to keep up with the whole creative outlet thing. However, some writing and other forms of artwork are at the tip of our fingers, making it a lot easier to express those much needed artistic outbursts. An album takes a lot of time and effort and dedication to say the least. Whenever someone releases a record, I am so impressed by the time and genuine commitment it must have contained to come to fruition.

“I get a great sense of individuality and pride from pursing music. It’s what makes me feel different and unique from the next person. Music gives me an opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings without reason or excuse to start a conversation,” explained Hanrahan.

“It’s a personal declaration, but I get to share it in hopes that someone else will be moved by it. If I knew no one would ever hear my music, it would not stop me from writing, but that feeling I get when someone says they genuinely enjoy my work keeps me motivated to connect with people on a larger scale and feel like a part of something big.”

Since Hanrahan has uploaded his first Video “Back to the Start” on social media, it has had over 5k views which is not too shabby at all. If this single is a reflection of what is to come from the rest of the album, all of his fans will be pleasantly pleased with Marriages.

“There are several reasons why I chose to go with Marriages as the title of the album. “Marriages” was a song I wrote for my friend’s wedding a few years ago. It was one of the first songs with vocals I wrote start to finish, and it’s the oldest song on the record. I think making it the namesake draws extra attention to one of the more intimate venerable songs on the record.”

“When it comes down to it, the title is appropriate because I think of the album as a combination of elements. It’s brought all of my influences and experiences together. I really hope that people identify this work as a ‘Marriage’ of the things that make me unique,” continued the song writer.

To get a great first glimpse and experience it live, join Hanrahan at his show this Friday at The RockHouse, alongside Young Manics and Another North where you can pick up a copy of the album.

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