Shaun Majumder Brings the HATE


Though Shaun Majumder finds himself living miles away from Newfoundland in the big city of LA, he never has much of a chance to miss home.

“I’m there so much. I spend so much time home. I’ve had a good dose over the last few years,” said the actor over the phone from his home in LA. “This is my view right now. I’m literally staring at a dish cloth with three mummers on it. Mummers is something close to home for me. Now that being said, if a group of mummers were following me around LA, that would be another story.”

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All Genders Allowed

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  CNA Stephenville residence gets two new gender-neutral washrooms To wait in the College of the North Atlantic (CNA) lobby in Stephenville on September 24, is to witness and feel an almost palpable excitement. A dull murmur of conversation surrounded a small gathering, mainly women from the local Bay St. George women’s group. It’s casual, but it’s easy to tell they were waiting for something. Each woman is adorned in round, flashy buttons for Pride week at CNA; tribal-looking puffins, with rainbow beaks and the word PRIDE in big, bold letters. The one man that stands in the group is Chris Deohaney, Campus Administrator for the Stephenville branch of the island-spanning college. He doesn’t wear a button, but instead a…

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Hitchhiking Canada: East to West Without Regrets, Part 4

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  I am thankful for how much you have taught me, from the small towns to the big cities. The whole province delivered nothing but extreme highs met with extreme lows over and over. That being said, if it wasn’t so intense, I never would have learned as much as I did. So I wouldn’t change anything that happened here, even if I could. Originally, I was going to try and get a ride from a trucker by sitting at a truck stop with a big sign that read “Ontario”. That lasted about 25 minutes before I got bored and decided against it. So once again I headed down the on ramp to the highway. It took about 20 minutes…

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Roots, Rants & Roars Part 1: Cod Wars & The King of Cod

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  The community of Elliston, nestled in on the northeast side of the Bonavista peninsula, played host to a world-class festival this past weekend as it welcomed some of the best chefs and musicians from across our province – and the country. This is the sixth year of the unique Roots, Rants & Roars festival, but it was my first time attending. I had only heard positive reviews from friends who were there before and, even more tellingly and enticingly, the festival had a near-mythic status for my buddies who are in the cooking industry. While I didn’t completely know what to expect coming into it on Friday, at the other end of the weekend I found myself with a…

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The never-ending story of movie magic

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  I am a movie buff. Actually, the term movie aficionado might be a better description. I just LOVE movies. I’m the kind of person who can watch the same movie over and over again as not only a form of entertainment but as a form of comfort as well. There’s just something so alluring about entering the world of the movie for a couple of hours and escaping reality. It’s a nice mental break. As one of my favorite childhood movies, The Neverending Story, once proclaimed – albeit it was about books, not movies, but it can still be applied – “Have you ever been Captain Nemo, trapped inside your submarine while the giant squid is attacking you?…Weren’t you…

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Another North: Not just another band

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  Every once and awhile a sound comes along that is completely different. A sound that produces a feeling of satisfaction, giving off more that a head bopping beat but rather a reminder of where we are from and who are now. Another North is not just another band- they are amazing. They are a piece of home with superior talent and a true love for music and art. Another North started about six years ago. “Vince, Aaron and I instantly clicked, so we decided to keep things moving in a new project,” recalled drummer, Brad Wells. Bassist, Justin Hickey joined the band two years ago following an audition. “The boys had gone through a couple of bassists but we…

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