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The Northern Passage of Victim Blaming

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joel north

I am so tempted to personally send a letter to Joel North and point out the obvious, but I truly think it’s a waste of my time. In case you never heard, Joel North got himself into some social media hot water the past week or so. A Coast 101.1 radio host responded to a woman’s tweet about live streaming her video gaming skills. In response, he tweeted: “you’d get more viewers if you were stripping.” Classy guy that Joel North, ain’t he? He’s one of a kind. I don’t have to point out that he is clearly diminishing this woman and implying that her only worth and talent is of sexual nature, because it seems pretty apparent. When it…

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Caught off guard for International Women’s Day…again

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Every year International Women’s Day always catches me off guard and grabs me by surprise. Where did you come from? I wasn’t prepared. I have so much pride, spirit and energy invested in the women’s movement and I wasn’t even ready. I had no witty memes for social media, no power ballads to sing to my kid on the way to work, no pictures of me being independent, strong and awesome. My Facebook page stood still and blank waiting to be filled with ferocious “I am woman, hear me roar” anecdotes, and I had not even done my research.

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