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Coldplay puts a smile upon your face

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There was a lot of excitement for me leading up to Coldplay’s release of their latest record Ghost Stories. The album was teased with a rich, highly cinematic video for Midnight directed by Mary Wigmore on February 25, 2014. Despite being one of the slowest building songs in memory, barely increasing much in tempo it is more a big long intensifying crescendo. Yet, it remains one of my favorites from the record, often getting stuck in my head. It’s also no surprise, given that description of the song’s sound, that it was constructed around an ambient track originally produced in 2003 by regular Coldplay collaborator Jon Hopkins, called Amphora. That said, in the Live DVD/CD version of the album, Midnight…

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Keeping it retro

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All things retro seem to be getting their moment in the sun once again for fleeting periods of popularity that last as long as the nostalgia can. Cartoons of the 80s and 90s pop up intermittently – the recent box set rerelease of the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show of my youth in that Turtle Van shaped packaging; the forthcoming big screen adaptation of Jem and the Holograms is another example. There’s also a whole resurgence of oldie but goodie classic toys that are finding their way back into stores and new toys celebrating anniversaries of retro cult-loved-content like Ghostbusters (see the recently released Lego set). The target audience for all of this isn’t just a new generation of…

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Half Million Dollar Review

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On a recent late night flight returning to St. John’s the seat-back satellite TV offered a great opportunity to get caught up on missed regularly watched programs. After watching the latest episode of a network show, before returning to reading a book, there was a quick flick through the channels to see if anything else of interest was airing. One channel boasted a screen bearing a lovely wintery shot of downtown St. John’s majestic view out the narrows. Obviously that would cause any proud Newfoundland and Labradorian to stop and watch to see what it was about. It turned out to be the latest episode of Million Dollar Critic on W. The premise of the show sees British columnist and…

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