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Power of Persuasion: Chill with Jill talks Radio, YouTube and A&W

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Jill Power has had a pretty interesting go of it in the last few years. For starters, the MUN student started a Podcast, Chill with Jill aired on CHMR Radio as a means to get engaged with interesting people. Turns out, she ends up chatting with the cream of the crop – Newfoundland go tos like Mark Critch and Tom Power and she even sat down with Peter Mansbridge for a dandy chat at one point- can you imagine? “I have my hands in a bit of everything. The podcast started in 2015, my first year of university. Radio was always one of those things I always wanted to do,” explained the host. “I was originally studying Education and The…

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Look Ma! I’m On YouTube!

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Im on Youtube

***I decided to step away from the state of global affairs and whining about President Trump since more than enough people are doing so and write about some local news and will try to have a more local focus for my next few articles.*** I like to think I’m pretty up on current events, trends, and pop culture but I’ve got to say that the whole phenomenon of the YouTube celebrity has thrown me for a loop. I remember when “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” was re-recorded for its thirtieth anniversary by Band Aid 30 and seeing that several British YouTube celebrities had contributed to the holiday classic I thought that Bob Geldof could have gotten someone way more famous.…

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The Northern Passage of Victim Blaming

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joel north

I am so tempted to personally send a letter to Joel North and point out the obvious, but I truly think it’s a waste of my time. In case you never heard, Joel North got himself into some social media hot water the past week or so. A Coast 101.1 radio host responded to a woman’s tweet about live streaming her video gaming skills. In response, he tweeted: “you’d get more viewers if you were stripping.” Classy guy that Joel North, ain’t he? He’s one of a kind. I don’t have to point out that he is clearly diminishing this woman and implying that her only worth and talent is of sexual nature, because it seems pretty apparent. When it…

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