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Greg Hewlett: A Proper Response to Muskrat Falls

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When Greg Hewlett left Newfoundland and Labrador to move to Toronto he felt like he was leaving just as the province was about to slide into the ocean forever. “It felt terrible. Like most Newfoundlanders, it’s kind of like this dark cloud over everyone’s head. That’s the kind of thing I can’t really ignore and if I am ignoring it, it bubbles up. Especially now with the inquiry coming on. Muskrat Falls was the main obstacle for the province, or albatross,” said Hewlett in reference of the Muskrat Falls project and the aftermath that came with it. Hewlett’s anxiety is one that hangs heavy over the heads of many in the province. The Muskrat Falls inquiry final report is due…

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What’s up with Muskrat Falls ?

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When the Muskrat Falls operation started, it was a point of pride. A project on our own land, for the people by the people. It gave a big middle finger to the original Churchill Falls project, while also creating jobs and energy right here at home. At the time we were covered in oil money. Newfoundlanders were bursting at the seams with “nationalism” – there was oil to be found in them there oceans, and we we riding its tail to the bank. Whether or not, how we went about it was correct, we were pumped to be a “have” province. Bout time. We were due. Politicians took advantage of this confidence, they recognized our giddiness and decided to use…

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