St. John’s to add new colour to traffic lights

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The standard red, yellow, and green traffic lights will be getting a makeover in St. John’s to accommodate the driving styles of the city’s residents. It is a well-known fact that drivers in St. John’s turn left long after the yellow arrow has disappeared from the light.

“We spent a year researching driving habits in the city,” explained city planner Rex Hutton. “We noticed that many drivers continue to turn left even when they shouldn’t. Starting in the spring, we will be adding a blue arrow after the yellow.”

Hutton explained how this is going to work:

“A green arrow means go, a yellow arrow means only go if it issafe, a blue arrow means please please don’t go and no arrow means you are not allowed to go.”

Police fear that this will have little effect as they expect drivers to simply continue to turn after the blue arrow has disappeared.



  1. So stupid….you actually think this will stop the crazy drivers in this city??…haha…what a waste of tax payers money!

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