Saxx Underwear Challenges the Status Quo With New Campaign

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In mid-April, an email from SAXX underwear appeared in my inbox and instead of advertising the newest styles for summer, the subject line read “A note from our CEO”. The body of the email spoke about the underwear’s innovative “Ballpark Pouch” and the problems facing the planet and the people who were doing something about it. However, what did it all mean?

The underwear company that launched a decade ago and exceeded 75% growth in revenue annually for the last five years has recently launched their #nostatusquo campaign. According to the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Braden Hoeppner, SAXX wants to do more than just provide the world’s most comfortable underwear to men. “Our planet and society face many challenges today – and we feel that it’s up to each of us to step up and create solutions for a better world,” Hoeppner said via email. SAXX believes that these challenges include social and environmental issues. “We aren’t focused on one specific challenge, but rather on inspiring others to see the challenges in their lives and in the places around them and to step up and be the change they want to see in the world,” added Hoeppner.

Taking inspiration from the guys who wear SAXX, think globally and act as a force for positive change, the Canadian company wants to tell their stories. “That is why we are partnering with guys who are creating new ways to improve our world and will be sharing their journeys to inspire others to make an impact,” said Hoeppner.

The email announcing the #nostatusquo campaign stated that SAXX was “inspired by the community of guys who wear SAXX and are pushing the world forward, and we want to celebrate and bring their stories to a wider audience.” These guys encompass all types from Topher White who works with Rainforest Connection, a group whose mission is to stop illegal deforestation. “[I]t’s also the dads that are stepping up to try something different to improve their children’s worlds,” added Hoeppner. “[And] the men helping out at the local shelter, the guy creating social change in his neighborhood – the men who are trying every day to make a positive impact in this world.” Hoeppner stated that these men inspire SAXX and they want to promote their stories while inspiring others to get out and make a change as well.

These guys that SAXX calls “Change Makers” are doing some interesting and innovative things. Their website goes more in-depth about Topher White and Rainforest Connection and how they plan to use old cell phones to create solar-powered devices that are placed in the canopies of the rainforest that detects the sounds of chainsaws and logging trucks. They highlight the work of Cesar Jung-Harada who is concerned about the death of coral reefs. He created an ocean-mapping robot from inexpensive recycled products such as plastic bottles and paired it with drone propellers, laser projections, and a GoPro to map the ocean floor. Finally, there is Dylan Jones of Coast Protein, who is developing protein powders, bars, and chocolates made from crickets in an effort to cut down on pollution, land, and water.


Some of SAXX’s featured “Change Makers”

SAXX has chosen not to invest money in using celebrities to market their products the way brands like Under Armour does ultimeately putting their budget towards impact positive change.

Why the shift in focus? According to Hoeppner, SAXX completed “a ton of research” on what kind of men were wearing their brand while exploring the definition of masculinity in the twenty-first century. Throughout this search, he said that they discovered that “more and more, masculinity is defined as standing up for what you believe in.”

I first got into SAXX both literally and figuratively nearly three years ago from my association with the Movember campaign. SAXX had released a special Movember themed pair and donated a portion of the profits to the men’s health campaign. I was happy to hear that the new #nostatusquo campaign will not end SAXX’s partnership with Movember. “Movember is near and dear to our heart,” said Hoeppner. “We will again be coming out with a specific Movember Collection that you’ll see just in time for Movember campaigns.”

When all is said and done, SAXX is hoping to help in bringing about positive change in the world with the #nostatusquo campaign. They want to celebrate the guys out there that are change-makers while inspiring others to paint the world they need to see. Hoeppner concluded his email by stating, “[We want] to not only support men with comfort daily but also to prop them up in their daily lives.”

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