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Newfoundland towns in photos: Dover

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“Dover is a small incorporated fishing and lumbering village located in a small cove at the head of Freshwater Bay, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland, Canada. Settled in the early 1890s it was originally known as Shoal Bay, presumably from its many shallow covers and inlets in the area. From the 1950s to the 1970 Shoal Bay was referred to as Wellington (Dover Post Office), whereas the local residents called it Dover. The first census taken of the community was in 1891 when seventeen people were counted, both lumbermen and fisherman. By 1901 the population had grown to sixty-six people and by 1921 it had grown to 203. Near Dover is geological feature called the Dover Fault, a major break in the…

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Trot Around and Over Signal Hill

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signal hill

Today being a middlingly decent day, I figured I’d go for a trek through the Battery and up and over Signal Hill. Such adventures also make for satisfactory photo opportunities so I geared up and headed out. (click to enlarge photos) The colours of this house snagged my eye as I passed, as did the Tolkien-evoking mark on the door, as if it was a dwarven portal. Few boats on the go. Satan’s buttcrack. It was dark, dangerous, and it smelled. For a second I thought I could hear two people having an evil, conspiratorial conversation in some previously unuttered language down there, but it was just couple pigeons, having an echoey coo and chirp. Fort Amherst with an iceberg…

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End of the ride in Van City

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The first time that I woke up in Sicamous British Columbia was absolutely hilarious. I stumbled out of my tent only to realize that it was 3 in the afternoon and I was on a public beach that was overflowing with people. Not only that, but all of the locals that I had been hanging out with the night before were right there to draw attention to me with applause and laughter the moment that I staggered out of my budget Canadian tire tent. I had already realized within the first few minutes of my arrival in town that there was something special about this place, but the second day and night only further cemented these beliefs. This town is…

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Vancouver or bust

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I had a really good night in Cochrane Alberta, which is about one hour east of Banff. That morning my goal was to reach the mountains. I didn’t have any idea that I would get a ride right to Sicamous British Columbia, but that’s what happened. Thanks to Christie who was on her way to visit a friend in Kelowna, because without her I don’t know if I’d currently be surrounded by all of these big, beautiful mountains. With less than 500 kilometers to Vancouver, I’m going to kick back and enjoy Sicamous for a night or two. I have only been here for a few hours and I have already dived off a train bridge, a pedestrian bridge, and…

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Living the dream: Newfoundlanders set off to travel the world

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Do you ever feel like throwing away all responsibility and hitting the road? Really indulging in your inner Hunter S. Thompson or Kerouac, maybe without all the drugs? Well a couple of Newfoundlanders did just that- in a less beatnik-smoky kind of way. They decided it was time to live their lives. They sold their house, left their jobs and jumped on a plane.

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