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Where is George Street?

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If you live in St. John’s you hear it all the time and you likely have an opinion: George Street is not what it used to be. Changes are happening downtown, infrastructure development, a struggling economy, diversifying culture, and a mix of drugs and violence that continue to draw critical media attention. Having spent more time in St. John’s than anywhere else in my life and hearing many sides of the argument, I choose to reserve judgment. I still enjoy the nights where I find myself on the Street with family and friends, but the topic of George Street and its future is one that persists both in the media and during casual conversation. So what is happening downtown that…

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Beat the Winter Blues

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January has rolled around again, bringing a new year, snow, and the beginning of school and work. For anyone who works anything similar to the usual 8-5 grind, it was a warm relief to have Christmas vacations just before the bad weather hit. Family, alcohol and sleeping in are usually some of the high points of most adult holidays. Now that the fun is over with, it’s back to work. Students have classes and anyone who lives an office-job life has begrudgingly set their alarms for 7 AM. Let’s be real, it gets us down. One month closer to summer, we keep telling ourselves, as we get pelted by flurries. One more day that’s just THAT much closer to T-shirts…

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Courage…one girl’s journey

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Carla Lamb does not remember being completely healthy. She feels as if she has been diagnosed over and over again. Lamb suffers from an eating disorder which has led to a long list of health issues ever since. Although, technically she was diagnosed ten years ago, Lamb said her issues with eating started long before that. “I say it began ten years ago. In retrospect, that is a false statement. It was almost twenty-two years ago. It took hospitalization at Homewood in Guelph, when undergoing intensive treatments to realize that,” said Lamb. There were daily and weekly courses offered at Homewood and a behavioural therapy session brought Lamb to admit her problem started before she had initially thought. “That is…

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I am not a girl anymore

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The title says it all. Within the past few weeks, I’ve thought about it, and acted; I came out as transgender to my friends and family. I now know that that was the biggest mistake of my life. The happiest I’ve been in the past year since I’ve come out, first as genderfluid, then as demiboy, then finally trans, was a day when I was carrying groceries. I was dressed in a button-up and a t-shirt, baggy jeans and a beanie. I had just cut my hair short. I had a cough, so my voice was gruff and deep. But sickness didn’t bother me; the entire day I was barraged by strangers calling me things like ‘he’ and ‘sir’ and…

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A New Hope

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“We’ve been clutching so desperately to the past, and for what?” “Because that’s when there was hope.” This is one of the most impressionable quotes I’ve heard. It is both sullen and truthful at the same time. I once believed that the further we moved away from childhood the sadder we became as we experienced losses and heartaches. And I guess this quote validated my belief. Oftentimes the words spoken by others can have a lingering impact on us. I remember someone once describing life to me by saying that an individual life holds very little meaning and is merely a series of moments and fleeting memories strung together to grant the deception of meaning in our limited existence. And…

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