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Trump Vs. Globalization

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While my passions are typically more focused on humanitarian and civil rights efforts than it is economics, I am writing today from a business and financial perspective. I believe strongly that all citizens, not just US citizens, must continue to speak up – and speak out – regarding President Donald Trump’s assertions and policies during his term. To that end I feel that many of his voter base do not, or would not, concern themselves with the impassioned civil rights and liberties movements currently underway. Therefore I will discuss the potential negative implications on the working class from an economic point of view. Trump’s understanding, or lack thereof, of foreign policy and the current and future geopolitical landscape has largely…

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“Clapping Back At An Uninformed Internet Troll” Or How I Got Into A Fight On A U2 Fan Forum About Basic Human Decency

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“How did we get here? How did you get here?” Bono asks during a performance of the oft forgotten U2 single “Last Night On Earth” from PopMart: Live from Mexico City and on a quiet Sunday afternoon and a very strange occurrence I found myself asking the same thing. All might have been quiet on this day, but there was nothing quiet about the two that came before it.

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Ten Tracks To Play At Your New Year’s Eve Soiree

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Hopefully everyone is enjoying the Christmas break and that those ten festive songs I suggested for your parties were a hit. I’m back again with ten tracks to play on New Year’s Eve. Play these songs at that rager you are attending or in the bomb shelter you built after it looked like things in 2016 couldn’t get worse after about May but then did because…2016.

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Ten Tracks To Play At Any Holiday Get Together

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Christmas, Christmas time is here! Time for joy and time for cheer! “We” as a collective have not been very good this year as there is a lot of turmoil and uncertainty clouding over 2016 but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to put our best face forward and try to enjoy the holiday season and do our best to welcome 2017 with open arms (and with our baseball bat named Hot Sauce very close by in case the new year tries to F with us like this year did). I don’t have a lot going on this year in terms of holiday celebrations but there are a couple. I have had a pretty crappy year and part of me…

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(Here Comes the) 2016 Mac & Cheese Showdown

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Last month, I told you about the 2016 Mac & Cheese showdown that was happening in restaurants throughout the city. It was being put off by Five Brothers Artisan Cheese and they partnered with Newfoundland Seasonings, the Restaurant Association of Newfoundland & Labrador (RANL) and Sysco. Like my articles detailing the 2016 St. John’s Poutine Challenge, I planned a series where in one article I would put on my journalist snapback and inform the readers of Tint of Ink about the challenge and interview Adam from Five Brothers. The second article detailed the poutines I tried. I attempted to do the same thing for this challenge but unfortunately, I didn’t get out to as many restaurants as I would have…

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