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Best day of my Life

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In early fall of 2009, I was given the pleasure of interviewing  Michael Crummey. One may say it was the best day of my life but I have since been married and given birth, so I should just keep some thoughts to myself. He invited me into his house, gave me a strong cup of coffee and showed me the view from his completely original and creative living room. His kids popped their head out to say hello, and he sat and spoke as if the conversation was easy and swift and all those eloquent words just fell off his tongue. Meanwhile, I was sweaty, nervous, my brain was foggy and I cringed at every word I said and suddenly…

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Top Ten Kathy Dunderdale Tweets of 2014

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1.Ya knows what a perfect night to sit down, bawl my eyes out, and eat a full box of half moons — Kathy Dunderdale (@KathyDunderdal3) October 27, 2014 2.Damn right my anaconda don't want none unless you got every episode of antiques roadshow on dvd, a job in alberta, and a large taters from mary brown's — Kathy Dunderdale (@KathyDunderdal3) September 9, 2014 3.Ah right an got snook's christmas cd on bust, a tray of five star cookies and a flask of lamb's on the go…this is what it's all about — Kathy Dunderdale (@KathyDunderdal3) December 24, 2014   4. On a plane, on a train, always got my capris the first time i met rex goudie i was so…

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MUN grad off to fight Ebola

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Liberia Battles Spreading Ebola Epidemic

Tint of Ink recently sat down with AJ Willis, epidemiologist and graduate of Memorial University’s Masters of Public Health program to talk Doctors Without Borders, Africa and Ebola. Tint of Ink: You are originally from Ontario. Where were you born and when did you come to Newfoundland? AJ: I was born in Sarnia, Ontario and moved here in 2008. Tint: What is your education? AJ: I have a Bachelor of Arts and Science in International Development and Biology from the University of Guelph and I graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with my Masters of Public Health in 2009. Tint: When did you first join Doctors Without Borders? AJ: In 2012. I did 10 months in Northern Nigeria working mostly…

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I am not a girl anymore

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The title says it all. Within the past few weeks, I’ve thought about it, and acted; I came out as transgender to my friends and family. I now know that that was the biggest mistake of my life. The happiest I’ve been in the past year since I’ve come out, first as genderfluid, then as demiboy, then finally trans, was a day when I was carrying groceries. I was dressed in a button-up and a t-shirt, baggy jeans and a beanie. I had just cut my hair short. I had a cough, so my voice was gruff and deep. But sickness didn’t bother me; the entire day I was barraged by strangers calling me things like ‘he’ and ‘sir’ and…

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Right Brain/Left Brain: Which side are you?

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While this question is a little misleading – we actually use both sides of the brain to take in, process and interpret information in our daily lives – each of us would likely characterize ourselves as being predominantly one or the other. Do you prefer checklists, strict timelines and organized workflow? Or do you prefer flexibility in how you approach a project and have difficulty sticking to one project at a time? The difference in these two situations is the difference between which side of your brain you use more predominantly. Our brain’s are divided into two hemispheres to create efficiency. Each side of the brain is responsible for it’s own set of tasks that work in concert with the…

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