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Parading for Love: Stephenville’s first annual Pride Parade

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It was windy but the chilly breeze didn’t seem to damper anyone’s spirits. Draped and dressed in rainbows, bearing large homemade signs, the group of 25 people – and a rather intimidatingly sized fire truck – waited for the festive parade to begin. The walk from the corner of Main Street and West Street to the DSB Fowlow building of the college on Massachusetts Drive isn’t a long one, maybe half an hour at a brisk pace. Still, it was long enough for drivers and passers-by to stare and honk their horns, sometimes even waved in support of the small group of smiling LGBT members and allies that marched down one of the longest streets in Stephenville. “I love you…

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All Genders Allowed

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  CNA Stephenville residence gets two new gender-neutral washrooms To wait in the College of the North Atlantic (CNA) lobby in Stephenville on September 24, is to witness and feel an almost palpable excitement. A dull murmur of conversation surrounded a small gathering, mainly women from the local Bay St. George women’s group. It’s casual, but it’s easy to tell they were waiting for something. Each woman is adorned in round, flashy buttons for Pride week at CNA; tribal-looking puffins, with rainbow beaks and the word PRIDE in big, bold letters. The one man that stands in the group is Chris Deohaney, Campus Administrator for the Stephenville branch of the island-spanning college. He doesn’t wear a button, but instead a…

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Growing up a Gaymen: A love letter to my parents

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Everyone remembers a time during their childhood when they envisioned the distant future – one in which they’d marry, settle down and have kids. Whether they eagerly anticipated this future or were simply aware that they’d follow suit, this was a fairly static paradigm taught to every small child. It was our birthright. As the old nursery rhyme goes “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes “X” with the baby carriage.”

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The price is Wright…and funny

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The legend, the comedian, my new best friend. From a snow clearing fiasco to the stage of Yuk Yuk’s, Matt Wright is becoming a part of the Newfoundland language. Soon you’ll be buying shirts with a cartoon version of his face with his own quote on the back. In no time, people will be using his punch lines in cliché Newfoundland catchphrases, rather than “Whadda ya at?” Wright’s first album Vasectomy Baby is topping the charts in Canada, rubbing metaphorical shoulders with Weird Al Yankovic and that ain’t something to shake an ugly stick at. His celebrity status has grown in the last few months. Even though, he considers himself just a guy from Gander trying to make it in…

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Gander airport: A glimpse into the past

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Photo credit: Zach Bonnell There are Canadian immigrants who remember the first moment they landed in this country. The instant when their feet hit Canadian soil, an unbelievable sense of mystery being subdued by a release into the true North strong and free. For a certain generation, that moment happened at the Gander International Airport. A complete change solidified in the small building in the corner of a flat town. Extreme emotional transformations took place consistently at that airport:  everyday goodbyes and hellos, historical events, September 11- it has pinpoints within history that are fundamental to the development of this province. “Gander International Airport is an enduring symbol of the province’s aviation pedigree. Gander served as an air bridge between…

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