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Hunt for the Great Hot Chocolate: Jumping Bean

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You all thought I forgot about my personal hunt for this fine capital’s best Hot Chocolate. Well, my very few readers, turns out I had not forgotten but I did other important things. I ate a lot of cheese, I hit some Netflix series hard, finished off a few books, mom’ed it up and worked. So pretty busy, I bet you all feel like fools now and pity my first world schedule with deep empathy.

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Hunt for the Great Hot Chocolate- Gracie Joe’s

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Have you ever heard a new word and then suddenly you stumble across it numerous times afterwards? Gracie Joe’s Kitchen was whispered in my ear a few months ago, when the coffee was suggested to me through social media. A facebook post of suggestion which I took with a smile, but wondered if I would ever find myself sipping a cup of Joe in this so-called place. Though I love good coffee and I will pay for good coffee, I rarely trek the streets seeking a cup when it can be made in my home. A few days later, an inbox message about the same place popped up. Then, a conversation about their food happened at work. Gracie Joe’s kept…

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The Hunt for the Great Hot Chocolate: The Rocket

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ST. JOHN’S, NL – With the snow coming down and Christmas snapping at our heels, there are always a few wintery traditions everyone looks forward to despite the temperatures.

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5 best places to get a coffee in St. John’s

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There is no shortage of coffee houses in our fair city, but which one has the best tasting coffee? We sent our reporter on a mission to rank the top 5. 5. Cafe Ole, Mount Pearl – This little food stand in Mount Pearl Square has some of the best coffee around. Well worth the drive. 4. Coffee Matters, Military Road – A popular place to get all kinds of coffee, lattes and everything in between. Save yourself a bit of cash and skip the fancy drinks and get their house blend. 3. Rocket Bakery, Water Street – Well known for their bakery and hipster vibe, The Rocket also serves a great variety of delicious coffees. Elbow your way past…

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