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(Here Comes the) 2016 Mac & Cheese Showdown

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Last month, I told you about the 2016 Mac & Cheese showdown that was happening in restaurants throughout the city. It was being put off by Five Brothers Artisan Cheese and they partnered with Newfoundland Seasonings, the Restaurant Association of Newfoundland & Labrador (RANL) and Sysco. Like my articles detailing the 2016 St. John’s Poutine Challenge, I planned a series where in one article I would put on my journalist snapback and inform the readers of Tint of Ink about the challenge and interview Adam from Five Brothers. The second article detailed the poutines I tried. I attempted to do the same thing for this challenge but unfortunately, I didn’t get out to as many restaurants as I would have…

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iOS 10(x better than before): iOS 10 Review

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iOS 10

After months of testing all of Apple’s iOS 10 betas on both my iPhone and my iPad Pro, we have finally reached what appears to be the GM beta (the last beta that will be rebranded as the official release). As such, it seems that what we have now is what we’ll get when Apple officially releases iOS 10 to the public on September 7th. I’m currently running iOS 10 on an iPhone SE  iPhone 6s Plus  and 9.7″ iPad Pro  I will focus primarily on the iPhone experience here, though the experience is largely the same across all iOS devices. The iPhone SE, essentially an iPhone 6s crammed into a 4 year old iPhone 5s design, offers a great experience in iOS 10.…

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Hunt for the Great Hot Chocolate: Jumping Bean

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You all thought I forgot about my personal hunt for this fine capital’s best Hot Chocolate. Well, my very few readers, turns out I had not forgotten but I did other important things. I ate a lot of cheese, I hit some Netflix series hard, finished off a few books, mom’ed it up and worked. So pretty busy, I bet you all feel like fools now and pity my first world schedule with deep empathy.

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Hunt for the Great Hot Chocolate- Gracie Joe’s

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Have you ever heard a new word and then suddenly you stumble across it numerous times afterwards? Gracie Joe’s Kitchen was whispered in my ear a few months ago, when the coffee was suggested to me through social media. A facebook post of suggestion which I took with a smile, but wondered if I would ever find myself sipping a cup of Joe in this so-called place. Though I love good coffee and I will pay for good coffee, I rarely trek the streets seeking a cup when it can be made in my home. A few days later, an inbox message about the same place popped up. Then, a conversation about their food happened at work. Gracie Joe’s kept…

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