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Look Ma! I’m On YouTube!

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Im on Youtube

***I decided to step away from the state of global affairs and whining about President Trump since more than enough people are doing so and write about some local news and will try to have a more local focus for my next few articles.*** I like to think I’m pretty up on current events, trends, and pop culture but I’ve got to say that the whole phenomenon of the YouTube celebrity has thrown me for a loop. I remember when “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” was re-recorded for its thirtieth anniversary by Band Aid 30 and seeing that several British YouTube celebrities had contributed to the holiday classic I thought that Bob Geldof could have gotten someone way more famous.…

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The Analog Age: Three Old School, yet New Age Blokes

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For the longest time I figured my adoration for The Analog Age came from my deep love for the three band mates. They each held a special place in my heart completely outside of their musical talents and my pride was bursting every time they went on stage. Like a mom in the corner cheerleading like a boss. “Those are my boys up there; they are going to be famous some day! You’ll see, you’ll all see!”   Well in a sense, my motherly instincts were right. In September, The Analog Age posted their first video for “No Sleep” and it went NL Viral. With 12K views and 112 Shares, these boys have some recognizable talent. During this tidal wave…

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Ten Tracks To Play At Any Holiday Get Together

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Christmas, Christmas time is here! Time for joy and time for cheer! “We” as a collective have not been very good this year as there is a lot of turmoil and uncertainty clouding over 2016 but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to put our best face forward and try to enjoy the holiday season and do our best to welcome 2017 with open arms (and with our baseball bat named Hot Sauce very close by in case the new year tries to F with us like this year did). I don’t have a lot going on this year in terms of holiday celebrations but there are a couple. I have had a pretty crappy year and part of me…

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Closet Monster: A Monster Gem of a Movie

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It’s a well known fact that the 2016 Summer Blockbuster season hasn’t been a particularly rewarding one for audiences and studios alike. Some of the most anticipated movies were met with negative reviews, criticism and little fanfare. But in a sea of disappointment one movie met and even exceeded expectations. Enter Stephen Dunn’s Closet Monster, a very upbeat, colourful and often-times humorous coming-of-age drama that is loosely based on his own life growing up as a queer teen in St. John’s, Newfoundland. The anticipation for Closet Monster had been building up for quite some time since it’s TIFF 2015 debut and I am happy to report that it delivered on it’s hype. Closet Monster wasn’t a Summer blockbuster in any…

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How to Emcee a Wedding

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Wedding season seems to be in full swing as I’m sure you have noticed. Facebook and Instagram timelines are flooded with photos of brides and grooms and friends attending weddings. If you’re lucky…or unlucky you have probably attended a wedding or two or five this summer or into the fall.

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