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Trump Vs. Globalization

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While my passions are typically more focused on humanitarian and civil rights efforts than it is economics, I am writing today from a business and financial perspective. I believe strongly that all citizens, not just US citizens, must continue to speak up – and speak out – regarding President Donald Trump’s assertions and policies during his term. To that end I feel that many of his voter base do not, or would not, concern themselves with the impassioned civil rights and liberties movements currently underway. Therefore I will discuss the potential negative implications on the working class from an economic point of view. Trump’s understanding, or lack thereof, of foreign policy and the current and future geopolitical landscape has largely…

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An Open Letter to Our Neighbours to the South

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Where do I begin? First off, I am not a US citizen. I am a proud Canadian. But like all Canadians, we are gravely affected by what transpires with our neighbours to the south. And as such, I want to share my feelings and opinions on the recent Election and am writing this article from the viewpoint of a global citizen. To say that I am so wrought with tremendous emotion in response to the outcome of the November 8th presidential election would be an understatement. I am truly in shock over the results of Tuesday’s election. In a world where we are finally making so many strides in social and human rights issues it seemed unfathomable that the United…

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Closet Monster: A Monster Gem of a Movie

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It’s a well known fact that the 2016 Summer Blockbuster season hasn’t been a particularly rewarding one for audiences and studios alike. Some of the most anticipated movies were met with negative reviews, criticism and little fanfare. But in a sea of disappointment one movie met and even exceeded expectations. Enter Stephen Dunn’s Closet Monster, a very upbeat, colourful and often-times humorous coming-of-age drama that is loosely based on his own life growing up as a queer teen in St. John’s, Newfoundland. The anticipation for Closet Monster had been building up for quite some time since it’s TIFF 2015 debut and I am happy to report that it delivered on it’s hype. Closet Monster wasn’t a Summer blockbuster in any…

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How to step up your iPhone photography skills

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Social media has become a huge part of our lives. What started with dialing into your 56K modem to launch online message boards and ICQ in our spare time has evolved into an intimate extension of our real world persona. People use their various social media accounts to share with the world their range of interests and activities, creating an online presence that can attract hundreds, thousands, and even millions of followers who tune into your daily exploits. While Facebook and Twitter have had their heyday, Instagram seems to be the platform at the forefront for people who either want to showcase their budding photography, myself included, or who want to upload daily selfies of themselves. And with features like…

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iOS 10(x better than before): iOS 10 Review

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iOS 10

After months of testing all of Apple’s iOS 10 betas on both my iPhone and my iPad Pro, we have finally reached what appears to be the GM beta (the last beta that will be rebranded as the official release). As such, it seems that what we have now is what we’ll get when Apple officially releases iOS 10 to the public on September 7th. I’m currently running iOS 10 on an iPhone SE  iPhone 6s Plus  and 9.7″ iPad Pro  I will focus primarily on the iPhone experience here, though the experience is largely the same across all iOS devices. The iPhone SE, essentially an iPhone 6s crammed into a 4 year old iPhone 5s design, offers a great experience in iOS 10.…

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