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(Here Comes the) 2016 Mac & Cheese Showdown

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Last month, I told you about the 2016 Mac & Cheese showdown that was happening in restaurants throughout the city. It was being put off by Five Brothers Artisan Cheese and they partnered with Newfoundland Seasonings, the Restaurant Association of Newfoundland & Labrador (RANL) and Sysco. Like my articles detailing the 2016 St. John’s Poutine Challenge, I planned a series where in one article I would put on my journalist snapback and inform the readers of Tint of Ink about the challenge and interview Adam from Five Brothers. The second article detailed the poutines I tried. I attempted to do the same thing for this challenge but unfortunately, I didn’t get out to as many restaurants as I would have…

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2016 Mac and Cheese Showdown

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    When you think of comfort food macaroni and cheese definitely comes to mind and if you are up for trying new takes on this classic dish then the 2016 Mac & Cheese Showdown is for you. The Showdown is running throughout the month of November at fifteen restaurants in St. John’s. Like the 2016 St. John’s Poutine Challenge, the Mac & Cheese Showdown is being run by Five Brothers Artisan Cheese and this time they are partnering with Newfoundland Seasonings, the Restaurant Association of Newfoundland & Labrador (RANL) and Sysco. I reached out to Adam at Five Brothers Artisan Cheese who said based on the success of last year’s showdown they chose to run it again. “It’s November…

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What to Do When You Hate Your President (Or Other Elected Official)

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I have a confession to make. I dressed as Donald Trump for Halloween and I am actually really quite ashamed about this now. This whole “Trump for President” thing just seemed like such a joke, or at least a calculated House Of Cards-esque plot by the Clintons in order to ensure a landslide Hillary victory. Every step The Donald took closer and closer to the White House we all kept saying “Surely, this will be when the madness stops” but it didn’t. I will also confess to being a very cynical and negative person, yet for some reason, I still have faith in people and faith that in the end, “the good guy” wins (I blame wrestling and comic books…).…

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Mo Money Mo Mustaches: Movember Is Upon Us

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I don’t know what they want from me, it’s like the more money we come across; the more problems we see. Yes. I just managed to work the hook of “Mo Money Mo Problems” by The Notorious B.I.G. featuring Puff Daddy and Mase (and Kelly Price), one of the first rap songs I ever liked into an article; a literary achievement for me if there ever was one. Truthfully I’m not sure I’m in agreeance with Biggie as I believe that money does indeed buy happiness but at this time of the year I do know what they want from me; “they” being The Movember Foundation, and it does seem like the more money they raise each year the more…

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Why I Wear a Poppy or “Remember, Remember The Eleventh of November”

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It’s time to put away the Halloween costumes but for the love of God DO NOT, I repeat… DO NOT start celebrating the Christmas season just yet. There is a very important day in between these two events, Remembrance Day. Before you put up the tree, go and pick up a poppy and wear it with pride. I make a habit of picking up mine as soon as I see them available because some two weeks (give or take) out of the year is not nearly long enough to show your appreciation for men and women who died for us so we might be able to celebrate the holiday season earlier and earlier and not have to sing “O Christmas…

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