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Bias what bias – A story of a complacent woke woman

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I consider myself a feminist, and I have for quite some time. I protested the Snelgrove verdict, I regularly have difficult conversations with people about gender inequality, and I take notice of the “minor,” yet impactful, injustices that I (and women everywhere) experience every single day. I’m proud to say that I stand for something, and I’m proud to make a contribution to the cause in my own small way. I think sometimes we let our strong moral compasses (and the fact that we’re already “woke”) cloud our judgement, and it’s important to reflect on our thoughts and actions and examine them for ingrained discriminatory beliefs/behaviour. This past week I was reminded of my own biases and internal misogyny and,…

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There is no humour in verbal assault

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Disrespect is not a punchline. I’m not really sure how many more times it can be said before the inconsiderate, insensitive morons of the world understand that their behaviour is nothing short of despicable. Two days ago, NTV’s Heather Gillis was on Signal Hill and was the victim of – yet another – verbal assault when three simpletons yelled “FHRITP” in Gillis’ direction. This is not the first incident of FHRITP that has happened in our city, and worse, it’s not the first time Gillis has been the victim of this verbal violence. Before you cry “melodrama,” it needs to be understood that yelling this phrase at anyone, much less someone who is in the public eye at the time…

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